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Is Haiku the future of poetry?

I love Haiku, they are clever and snack-sized.




I seek inspiration


so I trek to destinations

Mind elations

Soul climbing elevations

a mind bombing presentation

know that you own nothing

except the soul

few men


way before they grow old

Not me I hold hope

let my fingers burn I love it

Embrace the challenge of life

and rise above it


Perhaps another path

Amassed untapped potential bellows beneath

He stops mid-stride examining life

Running, could save his mind

Be brilliant in solitude


Or perhaps accept the challenge

And become a leader

taste that stored genius


Override the system


Indulge himself in achievements




A silent tasting of words

A silent tasting of words

Silence mimicking breath

it is what hovers above unseen

a constant distraction

but companion I need

I move in sequence

capturing detail

managing shutter speeds

conceiving light so I see well

tasting words mid-sentence

a delectable bouquet

of emotions cascading

to colonize the page

my thoughts are a sour critic

that the years have turned grey

so appraisals naught thought of

And just don’t come my way

So I move in sequence

silence mimicking breath

my thoughts are a sour critic

tasting words mid-sentence