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So you have decided that you want to become a singer. Perhaps you want to be a famous vocalist, or have so much love for someone that you want to sing it to them. Or maybe your love of singing has left you no other option but to become a little better at it.

The best thing about singing is that we each have a unique voice; and building on this unique voice is what will make you a better singer.

There are singers that practice mimicking other’s voices. That is fine for practicing purposes but to put so much time and effort into perfecting someone else’s voice means you disregard your own.

Real voices aren’t perfect

Some of us have lisps, we all have different accents and tones and our vocal inflections only make our voices more exciting.

Even when we talk our voices bounce with cadences; we speed up and slow down, become louder and softer.

Singing should be done in your natural voice, it just makes everything so much easier.

Note: If you listen to some of the most famous/popular vocalists such as Madonna; you will notice that not only is her voice not perfect but she also sings out of pitch sometimes.


I have worked with people who sing in English, Arabic and Sinhalese; each culture has a different way of singing and a different interpretation of how  a natural voice should sound.

If you are coming from a non-English speaking background you must practice singing in both your mother-tongue and in English if you are considering English.


1. You need to listen to what you are singing.

2. You need to control your pitch, volume, timing and breathing.

3. You need to know how to sing in different settings; studio, live, acapella, with others in harmony.

4. You need to practise breathing exercises and practise your pitch.


Either get lessons or check out the free lessons online especially breathing lessons.

You need a keyboard or guitar so that you have something to tune your voice to.


The most important thing I think is to find other singers and work with them, practice together and build your skills together.

With more than one singer you can practice holding notes and singing in harmony; skills that  you will need whether singing solo or together.


Set yourself up with a home recording studio which I will tell you all about in my next post on the topic.

Good luck.