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The immortal aspect of our souls

The fragility of life

Throughout our lives we witness all things perish whether they be plant, animal or people; if life teaches us something it is that all life ends. Therefore life is not immortal and when we look at our flesh bodies it is all too clear to us that we are not built for immortality.

As mortals life is then a short one, so for what purpose are we here then?

There is no doubt in my mind that this life is transition, a test to reveal our true character.

A convincing illusion

The material test of life

The situations we face bring out our real ‘self’ so that we can know ourselves and God can judge us based on the decisions we make.

The soul is immortal and uses our flesh body to interact with the world, when our body (brain specifically) is damaged we find it difficult to interact with the world. It is my belief that memories, intellect and our complete personality are part of our soul and it is only due to our weak fleshy brain that we forget things. Science is still trying to find where we store memories in our brain but is no closer to a definite answer due to the ‘real’ mind not being material in nature.

Do we take our memories with us?

Near Death Experiences

The Near Death Experience (NDE) is a very interesting thing to read up on. There continue to be cases of clinically dead persons who claim to experience the same thing, many recollect accessing feelings as well as flashbacks and some experience past, present and future all at once. But how is this all possible when the NDE’s brains show no activity at all? Some who experience NDE’s also recall crossing paths with other loved ones who have passed on, amazing and thought-provoking information.

So what are we?

With all the information out there on the soul’s immortality along with my belief that we must exist as some kind of being, I’d have to say that my description of the immortal soul and its interactions would go something like this:

All that we interpret through our five senses is energy; all matter is broken down into waves. Our body (which is also matter) converts waves into electrical signals that stimulate our brain and either creates images, sounds, feelings, etc. Our perception of this world is limited to our five senses and the health of our entire body. For example if we were to become paralyzed and lose half of our memories, they still remain in our mind, which is part of our soul, our ‘real self’.

Our ‘Real Self’ or Soul is energy, but this energy exists beyond our matter and is not measurable by us.

Having a physical body makes our thoughts and actions subject to time and the health of our bodies, without our physical bodies it seems we don’t experience time and have complete use of the facilities of our soul.

It’s as if our souls are waves of energy shooting around like radio waves, our bodies (including our brain) are transmitters/receivers, which connect us to the world. We are limited to what we can access due to the limits of our transmitter/receiver, not due to the limits of our soul. With this understanding it is possible that there is something out there that connects us all together when our souls are free from our fleshy bodies. There must be a transmitter/receiver that allows us to access our thoughts, memories etc when outside the body, could this great transmitter/receiver be God? I think it could be a function of God’s power to connect us all together.

Now is the time for action

It is time

Now is the time for action. Over the years our drive for success and fulfillment have vanished or been replaced with a drive for responsibility and routine. On the face of it it’s all very necessary especially when we have wives and children to take care of. But while giving it some thought the only way to progress through hard times is to work even harder and smarter.

The main reason we do not push ourselves like we did in the past is because we do so much that we cannot ponder the idea of fitting more work into the day.


As a single man life was easy and time was available. But my time became more precious and fleeting as I married and had children.

The problem was not a need to dodge my responsibilities as a parent and husband but to embrace them, achieve them and also have time to climb further at work and grow as a person.

After thinking of how I could be there for my wife and kids as well as get that promotion at work or make time to write that novel I realised that I’d have to become a machine man.


I dismissed all suggestions and traditions of what husbands and fathers should do, I focused on what I wanted to achieve and decided that if I could manage my time well then I could achieve anything that I wanted to.

I started to think of myself as a machine and realized that the harder I worked and the more I did, the easier it became for me.


In summation if I was lazy then I conditioned myself into only having the ability to do a little, but if I was hard-working then I was conditioning myself to do more.

The easiest way to achieve results in life is to begin them as good habits then do them routinely until they become a structured part of your everyday life.

There are many things that are good for us in life, some of the things that I feel are essential to me have been purposely weaved through my daily routine. And they are.

  • 30 minutes exercise each morning
  • eat an orange a day
  • at least 30 minutes of sunshine each day
  • stay away from fried food
  • no cigarettes or alcohol
  • positive self-talk
  • have fun with my fellow-workers, wife and children
  • put on a smile even when I’m not happy
  • Stand-up straight and sit-up straight
  • be confident

It has taken me years but I have included all of the above points into my everyday routine, sure sometimes I miss a few but I don’t get stressed  I just tell myself I’m having an off day and try even harder the next day.


When there is a need for extra work to be done you can find the strength within yourself. It will not come instantly but only by instilling new good habits into your daily routine. Start them off one by one.

You will find that the more work you do, the more you will be able to achieve and hunger to work even harder. Achieving things will also boost your confidence immensely.
With confidence in yourself you can shape your life into what you want it to be and achieve anything that you want to achieve.