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Strangers in the night

The howling winds that mumble words

And winter nights so cold it burns

Enduring for intriguing turns

I walk with courage that I’ve learnt


I travel light to meet the one

Who harbors death beneath the sun

My anger’s catching, though I run

Retracting from a violent gun


I flee from that which holds me back

My inhibitions made the track

Now is the time I must react

Before the earth below me cracks


I halted when my courage came

Compelled by my internal flame

I realized that I knew his name

And now I’d have to end this game


A confrontation through the night

Colossal beings and planets fight

I shed the darkness with my light

At every turn I matched his might


No victory but peace for now

Exhausted his feet pound the ground

Now this evil has been bound

And trust in self-control was found

The Deadest Bequest


We are beings of bondage carrying loads

Giving chase to our dreams along broken roads

Declaring our self gods

To inherit the globe

Indulging in extremes

Until we explode

Sacrificing substance and noble exchanges

For public awkward silence and sexual dangers

The whole of humanity

Have now become strangers

Hoarding belongings

To become our own Saviours