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The Hidden Truth

Though space and time proceed to be
Swimming together so willingly
The truth remains that entity
So self-contained is plain to see

We see life from the outside in
With no distinction, we live to live
But all we see and hear and touch,
Including our flesh, can none we trust

Deception is the test we face
With depth-perception inner-space
No matter how, no matter what
There is no matter, it matters not.

So all our plans may seem in vain
Like trying to run inside your brain
A brain that don’t exist at all
The unseen self perceives the world.

Still space and time move through the void
The dream of matter is destroyed
The path of life is clear as day
Be truth your beacon on your way.

Do you think all culture is manufactured/fabricated to control us?

Religion, food, music, film, clothing, language, material possessions; these things basically make up our culture and they are controlled by the media and those in rich high places.

How many people can honestly say that if they had not listened to any music or watched any films they would be in the same situation that they are now?

This propaganda has been put in place and it purposefully separates child from parents “needless rebellion”, man from woman “gender competition”. It controls the direction of our careers in life.

Children used to follow in their parents footsteps and take over the family business, etc.

But now it is rebellion, wasting their youth and money. Wanting easy answers to complex problems.

Do you think this is all on purpose?

I do.