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Promised Land

Oh how it glistens, the stars above the Promised Land,

Oh how it glistens, the blood upon oppressor’s hands.

And time it has no chance to move,

The stench of death it follows you,

And dreams are had but none come true,

And hope is how they see it through.

Luck is earned but truth is born,

And order’s by the devil’s sword,

Eyes that bleed but do not blink

More gruesome than you ever saw

The stones they cry and carry men,

Waiting to be born again

As birds to flee within the night

But heavy hearts hinder their flight.

And thoughts of nothing fill the crowds

Anxiousness stays unannounced

Now recklessness has been aroused

And tunes of death begin to sound.

Armageddon, get involved.

Corpses line the streets of old

With the saddest eyes they pray

The sun to melt their tears away

No one runs, it’s time to die

Preachers kill and children fight

Soldiers hide, they have no pride

And every day bleeds into night

Oh how they glisten, the sparks upon the Promised Land,

Oh how they glisten, the stains of blood upon their hands

And innocence has lost its way

And life is still a dream away

They wished for death and so they lay

A promise kept, it’s where they’ll stay.

Meditative Tasting

So I have shown how to use Meditation to;

  1. Calm your self
  2. Slow your breathing
  3. Focus on the spiritual
  4. Release the bad energy and fill yourself with good energy
  5. Invent a world on peace

But how about attacking the physical sensors. The mind is a powerful thing and you can use it convince your body it is sick or healthy.

Meditation and Taste

You can also deceive your mind into sensing taste. Self-control is about total control of your sensors so if you are up for the challenge try this out.

The Meditation

Prepare yourself for meditation as I went through in my previous post, low noise, comfortable position, deep slow breaths , release the bad energy and fill yourself with the good, be at a happy state of mind.

Psychology of taste

Taste is about smell and texture so when meditating  imagine yourself holding a lemon in your hand.

1. roll it around in your fingers feeling the bumps and hardness of it’s skin.

2. bring it towards your nose and smell the scent of lemon.

3. bring it back out and roll it in your fingers one more time.

4. Finally take a slow bite of that lemon and you will taste the sourness on your tongue.

How did you go?

Depending on how slow and focused you were you should have tasted that lemon.

Give me some feedback and tell me how you went.

Next post I will show you how far physical senses can go whilst meditating.

10 things Tom Cruise would never say and really mean

1. I know I’m ugly

2. I love Suri more than I love myself

3. I just got into Scientology to meet chicks

4. I just got into Scientology for the cool silver suede unitard

5. Why was I the Last Samurai?

6. I laugh so much to hide my tears of pain

7. I’ve blown too much money on Scientology to quit now

8. All religions brainwash their followers into doing crazy stuff, now hold my iPhone while I slay Xenu with my lightsaber

9. Maybe I don’t know everything

10. How many times have I been married again?

Do you think all culture is manufactured/fabricated to control us?

Religion, food, music, film, clothing, language, material possessions; these things basically make up our culture and they are controlled by the media and those in rich high places.

How many people can honestly say that if they had not listened to any music or watched any films they would be in the same situation that they are now?

This propaganda has been put in place and it purposefully separates child from parents “needless rebellion”, man from woman “gender competition”. It controls the direction of our careers in life.

Children used to follow in their parents footsteps and take over the family business, etc.

But now it is rebellion, wasting their youth and money. Wanting easy answers to complex problems.

Do you think this is all on purpose?

I do.