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Sexist programming in cartoons

Every so often I sit and watch my daughter’s favourite cartoons with her, they each follow the same type of script and portray the sexes differently.

The Heroines are of course beautiful young women/ponies/mermaids and the evil ones are male and always led by a female.

When there are good males they lack confidence and constantly seek the approval of the females.

The problem

I am a strong male role model and this confuses my daughter sometimes. Because she has been brainwashed by these shows she does not expect me to take control and becomes afraid when I do.

The solution

I monitor all programs that my children watch now and there are only a handful I approve of which have their own problems.

I have shown her alternative male characters from superheroes to sports stars.

It is unfortunate that our culture has been hijacked by the Satanists and continuously led in this direction. 

Growing up

I can already see that the brainwashing will continue because I am savvy to all television shows. But what is the answer? How do I solve this dilemma?


If I force her into accepting what I consider normal then she will become a social outcast, that is if she accepts it. 


My upbringing

Television and music were just the same when I was growing up and I was led astray into accepting this nonsense. But I saw it for what it really is and I hope that she will too.


I’m just lucky that I had a few friends who also didn’t accept what we were fed as being natural.

The gender wars, how society should be run and the relationship we have with God have all been purposely changed to keep us in a state of suspended animation, and endless adolescence.

Lead by example

My only chance is to lead by example and hopefully that will be enough to show her that real happiness and success are not achieved through material possessions or our sexual appeal. But by our strong moral standings and confidence in who we should be and what we should act like.


Thoughts on Political Correctness and more

How do people really react and who are the outcasts?

People react however they are programmed to react through the repetition or slight changing of words and phrases in the media.


Changing Phrases 


For example wives and mothers who;

  • take care of the house
  • look after the children
  • run errands
  • and much more 

used to be called “home-makers.” Which is great because a house is made of bricks and wood but a home is made of love, hard work and commitment. The phrase “home-maker” indicates one who makes the house a home and who better to do that than a loving wife and mother.

But now we are conditioned to use the derogatory substitute “stay at home mum.”

Indicating that she is just a mum who stays at home. I’m not a woman but I’m furious because you do not call my wife, the mother of my children a stay at home mum.

So now you can see how much damage changing one phrase can do….


Repetition of words

An Experiment in Public Opinion

I’m a passionate person and proud of what I believe in and the morals I keep and I have no problem with everyone being proud of what they believe in or have achieved.


Let’s say we conducted an experiment in a public place where;

1. A man stood up in the middle of a crowd and shouted;

“I’m gay and I’m proud and I love myself.”

There is no doubt that he would be applauded and it’s good to be accepted by your fellow man.

2. A woman stood up in the middle of a crowd and said;

“I’m a single mother, I don’t need a man I love my children, provide for them and they never miss out.”

There is no doubt that she would be applauded and it’s important to be accepted by your fellow man.

3. I stood up in the middle of a crowd and said;

“Bismillah iRRahman IRRahim, I believe that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah.”

What the hell would the crowd’s reaction be?


Each one of us had something to say about what we are most passionate about in life but because of our collective conditioning we don’t really hear what people are saying anymore.

And I’m not saying that the conditioning hasn’t reached me, if someone started stating their declaration of faith in the middle of a crowd I’d look for the exit  as well. But I know that it is the wrong way to react.

Due to us being told over and over again Muslim Terrorist, Islamic Fundamentalist , these are not just words they are programming you to always associate the word;

Muslim = Terrorist


Islamic = Fundamentalist


Ye Olde Divide and Conquer

I’m no big fan of Political Correctness or what I call

“Culture Conditioning”

Whereby they use Multiculturalism to celebrate our differences which actually reinforces our differences without celebrating our similarities.


Similarities and Differences

We are conditioned into becoming smaller groups, they want us all to keep dividing ourselves into groups because;

“It is easier to stomp a millions ants than to face a raging rhino.”

Once in groups we can be pitted against each other until we are only individuals who need to survive off the ‘State.”


The Plan

Then we will be ready for them to give us

One Religion

One Currency

and One ultimate dystopia.

Just some thoughts for your mind…