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Managing our time for the benefit of our toddlers

Time management for toddlers

Any single parent or couple with a toddler/toddlers already know the impossible mission of trying to manage time for them to play and interact with you. Most of the time you are unable to sacrifice too many working hours because you need the money for your children and their future.

So the answer is that we must find time somewhere else.

Like other seemingly impossible tasks that we attempt to find time for such as exercise, prayer and meditation; making time at the earliest part of the day is always the best way to go.

Not only does finding time at the start of the day ensure that your toddler/toddlers are awake and fed but it also helps to get it all out of the way and done before you yourself start to get tired from the full day you have ahead of yourself.

Time spent wisely

So you have managed to set an hour or two aside each morning to play and interact with your toddler/toddlers.

Because proper learning at such an early age is so critical to assist in helping all of their functions progress you must be wise with the games you choose to play with them.

Anything that introduces and tests their knowledge of numbers, letters, words, colors, emotions and shapes will be especially beneficiary to their development.

With three children of my own I found it hard to find time so I set aside the time and used it to all of our advantages. I made sure that they got to spend time with a happy father in a friendly atmosphere with plenty of snacks and a variety of games to play.

Toddlers seem to like variety in their lives. When it comes to snacks, toys, clothes and outings; toddlers need a constant change to keep them interested.

Multitasking: combining learning, food and exercise

I found it difficult to teach my son his colors so we invented a game where after a nice play at the park (to get him all energized and hungry), we would sit with a bag of different colored lollies to learn the different colors.

I’d either give him a handful and ask for him to return certain colors (always congratulating him on his achievements) or I’d simply ask him to pick out different colors for me.

I’d also combine learning flash cards with food. We’d get out whatever food corresponded with a particular flash card and ask my children which cards go with which food. They’d learn to associate a cow with milk and a picture of an apple with a real apple, etc.

Also our outings at the park would slowly become lessons in color and objects. When you find yourself having fun teaching your children they will find it fun learning from you.

It needs to be done now

Unfortunately for us parents we not only have a lack of time when it comes to finding time to spend with our toddlers but the clock is also ticking for them as they crave to learn right now.

We need to sacrifice whatever time we can to interact with our toddlers. If we find that we are overwhelmed with house-work them why not get them involved in the work? Let your daughter sweep the floor with you and let your son help wipe down the cupboards, what is work for us is fun for them and especially when they get to work with mommy and daddy.