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This guy – dudetics

I once knew this guy a friend of a friend of mine

His mindset buried in time

Probably not worth this rhyme

Mentally unbalanced and existentially challenged

Emotionally callous

and fixated on his phallus

Dreams of fame and money led this guy in one direction

Satisfying carnal desires

with uninspired apprehension

The emptiness inside finally ate on through the surface

You could see it in his eyes

This guy was living with no purpose

Anger tweeted him so he reacted and retweeted

Afraid to start all over

He got drunk and #hashbag weeded

Conceived a plan of domination where he was still the victim

Attacked someone for being there

Where all could see and listen

A simple mind procrastinates and waits for it’s reward

grows angry at it’s failures while

The rest of us grow bored

This guy believed the lies of fame and easy money rants

Never took the time to use his mind

Fixated on his pants