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Poetry – the city of progress

Webs of smoke hung mid air

leaving the building-tops unfocused and seeming to go up forever

undeterred they swarmed clicking the wet asphalt creating an atmosphere of noise.

then silence.

no one in sight, an empty model of a city, unused.

occupying towers of concrete and steel, where they learn life is precious.

the real world tries to make contact, like a

flower peeping out of a crack in the pavement

only to be stepped on and put back in it’s place.


Overpaid for tapping keys

Trees struggling to breathe

Where light comes to die in peace

Silent Mundane Memories

Temperamental performance reviews


Life is lived in grey-ish hues

Home in time to hear the news

Cold mornings eat alone

Lunch with strangers on the phone

Unaware who’s in your home

Charts and numbers fill your dome

Buildings block the light of day

Bathed in never-ending grey

Memories remain mundane

Number-crunchers overpaid