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The Night

The night just arouses suspicion.

Streets laced with lamps, clouds in a trance.

Time seems to lose its position.

Trying to flee, the darkness I see,

Heart rate increases, “Is this a dream?”

Where will I be without sanity?

Madness is not a decision.

I walk amongst angels, discussing this life,

Feeding my soul, enhancing my sight.

But if I blink I’ll be lonesome tonight.

Your mind is the ultimate prison.

“Where are they going?” The on-lookers say.

Pointing and smirking, as if they’re o.k.

Most-likely knowing, they envy our way.

If not then why would they listen.

Trying to flee, the darkness in me,

Examine my youth, and all that I see,

Vague memories about sanity.

Madness I hear when I listen