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Haiku – happy heart

My weak human heart

When love creates happiness



Haiku – It is my fault

Pick up the pieces

I find some that just don’t fit

Need to change myself


Quote #38 Defusing Chaos

The heart is stronger than the mind


So rather than giving someone a piece of your mind

Give them a piece of your heart


How much does our taste in music direct our lives?

In today’s world our culture is dictated to us by the entertainment we seek.

Music, Film, advertising for products, Sports; all forms of entertainment shape our culture.

Most of us are heavily into music, lots of the time it is a certain genre of music.

Growing up you most likely stuck around those that also listened to your particular genre of music.

Consider this

  • Depending on the genre of music you associated yourself with you began to dress, talk and act a certain stereotypical way.
  • You surrounded yourself with those who had a similar taste in music that you did.
  • Your direction in life; such as the career choices you made and the places that you frequented to meet people were partly if not fully influenced by the music you listened to.

What if?

What if you chose to like a different style of music and associate with different types of people?

Would you be where you are today?

Would you have the same friends?

Would you hold the same job?

Would you have the same partner? Would you have ever met your partner?

Controlling people through entertainment

We are purposely controlled through all forms of entertainment. We are told that we like certain things and we believe it because we are shown advertisements of other people enjoying these things.

In reality if we look deep down inside ourselves we will see that all we really want is happiness and rather than settle for what we are told will make us happy; we need to seek it out ourselves.

Going with the crowd will keep us happy and ensure that we have common interests to talk with others. But to be truly happy we need to be selfish and find what makes us happy, only then with our happiness can we help others to be happy.


I love music and have spent most of my life in the music industry, but it is a business and it must sell. People need to know that as good food will keep your body healthy so to will good positive music keep your soul healthy so avoid the demonic artists as much as you can. You know which ones I’m talking about.


Without love

Love infects the heartless with hope

Gives yearning to the selfish

A promise of happiness to all

But lost love breeds despair

Adds tension to the air

Sickness to the strong

A yearning to belong

To those who want happiness

I promise you this

Without love for someone

A real life will be missed


Parenting Poetry – Living Life

Happiness is when;

Children can be loud and messy

The cleaning up can wait

All worries disappear

When bonding escalates

You can see each other

Without the need to rush

And spend some time just talking

Really not about that much

Arguments do take place

All points of view are heard

But just as fast they go away

Without the use of words

To live a life of fulfilment

To raise your children right

To find the love of someone else

Is truly living life



Quote #33 Defusing Chaos

Happiness saved me!


We remain

In breathless times we spoke volumes

When apart became one soul

The world vanished

Yet you remained

Your eyes staring

Love we exchanged

And received tenfold

Hungry for each other

Biding our time

The thought of kissing became my thoughts

You became my pulse

Living and breathing as one

Now each other’s purpose


On it’s way

Lying in wait

only months to go

A new life

A new reason 

To live even more