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Re animation

I’m motionless only my fingers clutch the dirt

Stuck dangerously alone

Facing towards a starless night

What power can I conjure?

Has the end come?

I’m too stubborn to die

My legs live; carrying my body

Journeying towards an unknown destination

Fear has been forgotten and replaced with vengeance

A familiar place

This must be where I came from

Deafening sounds and streets laced with cars

Taking my time I straighten my torso

Blending into the party

Seeking the one

As luck has it he has exited

Now surrounded by darkness and walking

I follow

No sense of remorse

Just carefree and proud

I’m stalking my attacker

I strike with a bottle

He sees me not

As he lay face down I turn him

Look into his mind

Here I am re animated

Behold your creation

Behind me a starless night

Motionless, yet his fingers swim in dirt

Dangerously alone

How do you get inspired to write poetry?

For me, inspiration comes at the worst of times.

Usually at work and sometimes when I’m out with no access to a paper or pen to take notes. I’m not hip so I don’t have an iPhone or any mobile phone for that matter.

The Poetry of others

I’d have to say that reading the works of other poets really inspires me the most. It is where I get some of my best ideas from. So if my poems are terrible blame yourself.

Nah I’m just kidding.

I find that if I get to escape and see nature I become inspired. So I take the kids to the park along with a notebook and pen.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’d like to know where other poets get their inspiration to write.