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Are you looking for work?

What type of work are you looking for?

I think that the job market is very hard to get into.

Many companies are resorting to hire casuals rather than full-time employees; leaving job security a thing of the past.

So what do we need to do?

What everybody needs to do is upskill themselves, take on some courses to learn more talents, but be careful only take courses that will better your chance of landing the job you want.

Some industries are thriving so you need to get into these ones;


Truck driving


Council and government administration

Mortgage, financial advising and banking

The other industries seem to be declining and in order to secure yourself in the workforce you need to think about becoming a supervisor or manager at your current job or choose to get out and jump into another industry.

Those with degrees, masters and PHD’s are a little better off.

But those of us who have the basic high-school education need to secure some type of work.

Multiple incomes

Once we have a secure job we should seek other sources of income. We need to use our talents to get ahead.

Whether we try our hand at;



Arts and crafts

We need those multiple incomes streams to keep us going through the hard times that seem t come more ad more often these days.

What is the best job for me?

Recently my sister chose to cut her Aged Care course short because as she explains “They never mentioned at the beginning that we’d have to wipe old people’s bums.” Nice.

Government funded courses

Here in Australia the government actually funds courses for those who have no degrees or certificates. And that’s great. But it is to fill low paying hard working jobs most of them casual positions which leave you with no security in the long run.

The suitable long term job

With my sister’s case I suggested that she rethink her job seeking and take into consideration, her age, the fact that she is female, her experience and the time of day she is available.

The jobs that governments push are in Aged Care, Warehousing, Factory machine workers, Childcare workers and Road construction workers.

All of these are fine professions and if you are passionate about them then go right ahead and take advantage.

But the vast majority of people don’t want these jobs and just go for it anyway out of desperation.

Australia’s future

You need to think logically, think of what we are becoming as a Nation.

What types of work will be available in the future?

We will see more and more factories appear and most jobs will become casual as it benefits the employers.

1. Recruitment agencies

Any job working for a recruitment agency will see you live comfortably into the near future, we need recruiters to hire the future casuals for tomorrow’s factories and employee-revolving businesses.

2. Manager, Supervisors, Leaders

Becoming a Manager/Supervisor is also a good way of keeping full time work as the casuals will need competent managers to keep them in check.

3. Council and Government jobs

Let’s face it, we aren’t taking down the government anytime soon so there will be a great career working for our superfluous leaders.

4. Psychologist

If you are still young and have the drive then the world is not getting any easier so you will have plenty of “clients”.

5. Any outdoor physical work

Let’s face it we all need sun and exercise so to get paid to be outside on a nice day is just awesome. I have held many jobs as a labourer but they are very temperamental at time.
The ideal thing would be to build up your skills and go out working for yourself, have it as a fallback plan.

The necessity of multiple incomes

Many have said it and written about it, we must secure ourselves by having multiple incomes or at least the skills to obtain work in different areas when one becomes redundant.

The Online writing lifestyle

what is a suitable income for me?

Know the structure

There are many opportunities to make money online if you have good writing skills, but it does come at a cost. To save yourself any surprises in the long term you should first familiarize yourself with the basics of online writing as it does differ slightly from the traditional hard writing.

Rather than catering towards attracting people via there needs and wants online writing will have you focusing on the business side of it all, I’m talking about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the structure that should be stuck in your head while you write each and every line online.

Ask yourself; Have I made the title chunky enough to show up in search engines as much as possible. Is my topic vague yet focused enough on my topic to ensure I get a wider audience finding it.

Follow the formula

Great online writing especially article writing can be mastered best by following a formula. There is no set formula but the idea is to keep trying until you find a comfortable equation by which to create your article.

Most jobs come with guidelines; they usually call for the title (subject matter/topic) to be mentioned in the first line of the article and also scattered several times throughout the piece.

The also require that there be maximum amount of paragraphs and that each cover a different aspect of the topic. Finally there needs to be great effort in ensuring the first paragraph properly introduces the topic and that the final paragraph completes the article with a real conclusion.

Know the subject

Too much time and effort is wasted trying to fake knowledge on a subject, if you don’t know anything about a topic don’t attempt to write about it, or go and research it because expanding your knowledge is always important.

There is no room in article writing for biased opinions, it is your job only to inform because people want quick references to their queries.

The Lifestyle

The most important factor that you need to take into account when pursuing a career in online writing is; does this fit into my lifestyle.

For the average single person who works a day job online writing is perfect for making some extra money. But for the stay at home mother who must take care of three screaming toddlers not yet at school it is not a wise choice for making money, it’s not that it cannot be done but just that your mind needs to be able to focus and relax in order to write well.

There are however people that will blend right into the online writing lifestyle and they are the following;

1. Those who are passionate about writing and nothing else, the type that write even not to get paid.

2. Stay at home mothers whose children attend daycare or school and have a passion for writing about particular subjects. Mothers are savvy on so many topics especially child-rearing, parenting, cooking, cleaning, shopping, clothing, gardening and much more.

3. Determined novelists, the serious writers who spew out thousands of words a day on their novels yet delete it, they could flip articles within minutes and make some money on the side.

4. The students and school children whose passions overtake their physical realities, teenagers especially have the great ability to absorb themselves into subjects or people due to their emerging adulthood. They are in a suspended reality of “finding themselves”, becoming adult versions of themselves which requires them to psycho-analyse everything within their grasp. They have the ability to write thousands of words on topics for which they benefit by earning some money as well as it being therapeutic.


As you can see the online writing lifestyle isn’t for everyone although most anyone can make money from it, the lifestyle that follows it will not suit everyone.

You may not want to waste precious hours sitting at the computer screen to only bring in a few dollars, or you may find that you are already behind a computer screen so why not make the most of it.

You may be a passionate writer looking for a break so to make extra cash from your passion is a dream come true. But on the other hand if you are an engineer or medical student studying your way through university it may not be the greatest idea to use your precious time writing about topics you will not need.

Sometimes the opportunity to make extra money clouds the true path to our ambitions. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking this is an easy career, nothing about freelancing is easy it’s quite the opposite.

So before changing your successful career as a chef, machinist, teacher, doctor, customer service operator, hairdresser and every other necessary profession into that of a flimsy freelancer take a look at what you have first.

As a side job for extra money freelancing articles is great, but as a career unless you are prepared to write your own blogs, books and websites then do not attempt it as a sole career change.