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How to get a woman to …

Now I’m no advocate on how to get a woman to have sex with you, never wanted to be, and don’t see sex as something worth getting off multiple strangers.

Family upbringing

Looking back at my parents and how happy they were, there was no question in my mind that when the right girl came along I’d marry her.

Why would I want a fling, when I could have the real thing?

In da Club

While some of the guys I knew were out trying to score each weekend, I was at home studying, reading and YES being lame.

I just didn’t care about the club scene at all. As soon as I hit the legal club age I went a few times and hated it. It was boring and the girls were all fake (so were the boys I guess).

I was so lame that I actually had to ask my friends how it all worked, they told me that you had to approach a girl with some witty remarks and good conversation to get her.

I thought, to get her to what, dance, have sex on the dance-floor? Hey all I wanted to do was talk and if they seemed interesting I’d keep talking, perhaps we could get together another time and continue a friendship.

HAHAHAHAHA, that’s so funny because I soon saw that these girls were not girls at all but just female versions of my friends, here on an ego trip, trying to get laid.

Not what I was looking for; and thankfully I had many friends who thought just as I did, this kept me from the “Allure” of hooking up.

Lame equals uncomfortable and direct

I got over my fear of embarrassing myself long ago. In fact it gave me power, it was my Zen to actually fake embarrass myself in public to get my friends embarrassed, for a laugh at their expense.

As a teenager I approached girls that I thought were interesting and that I’d like to meet at;

The library

Friends of friends

The shopping centre

The beach


Actually everywhere I went there would usually be girls I was attracted to so I’d speak to them, not wanting a number or anything else for that matter.

But if by chance they were something extraordinary that I thought I could see myself being with this person, I’d just tell them.

But hey it never happened until I was 26, and I married her.

Yeah lame story but how do I get a woman?

  • Don’t copy shit from MTV of films just think for a moment of what you really want your future to look like and go find someone in the right places.
  • Don’t be a little coward.
  • Speak up like a man, have convictions don’t agree with them, you are who you are.
  • Be brave look them in the eye and be interested in them, because if you aren’t interested then they aren’t for you.