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The elders crowd like darkened clouds
Surround the church where gossip lurks
They choose to stay outside to play
Bingo in the hall today

Children ride their bikes on paths
And roads that time have cracked apart
Unfinished ideas line the shops
Some parts are new while others rott

The teenagers just seem to be
Parking late and smoking weed
Local police know where they stay
But still they look the other way

My family sat wedged between
An airport and many factories
The loud planes entering our dreams
Where muffled by trains and worker’s screams

But inspiration still seeped out
With common minds my friends were found
Discussing books that were profound
To form ideals that would astound

To leave the valley was the dream
Until I grew to know the scene
And realized our worlds are formed
Inside our heads
Success is born

What Children Understand

Wow, it is amazing what children pick-up on. There is no hiding anything when they get to be over three years old. Why didn’t anyone tell me this?

Even having scattered conversations with my wife throughout the day seems to rearrange into comprehensible information inside my children’s heads. Then I face a barrage of questions about my work, bills and who is fighting with who.

The only escape is a second language provided the children don’t understand that as well.

Unfortunately for my parents I understood them when they spoke in their mother tongue trying to hide the conversation.


I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no point in deceiving the kids about things. But when it comes to that which does not concern them such as Bills, Money and other Adult things that is where I stop talking and they don’t get involved.

Because they are children and don’t need to know about the hard struggle, just the happy bits.

They Understand

Despite how basic their understanding of events and information is; it is a fact that they understand. Whether they just associate bad feelings with a word, it doesn’t matter because the connection has been made.

I’m going to be more careful when I speak and act around my children from now on and I suggest that you do so too.

Do you think all culture is manufactured/fabricated to control us?

Religion, food, music, film, clothing, language, material possessions; these things basically make up our culture and they are controlled by the media and those in rich high places.

How many people can honestly say that if they had not listened to any music or watched any films they would be in the same situation that they are now?

This propaganda has been put in place and it purposefully separates child from parents “needless rebellion”, man from woman “gender competition”. It controls the direction of our careers in life.

Children used to follow in their parents footsteps and take over the family business, etc.

But now it is rebellion, wasting their youth and money. Wanting easy answers to complex problems.

Do you think this is all on purpose?

I do.