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The Common Man

The trials of the common man
He knows where his desires stand
righteousness is seldom planned
A puppet for the hidden hand

Shifting thoughts on their demand
He wishes to be shown the truth
Reads the paper and the news
Unaware, it’s what they choose

Drenched in his own happiness
indoctrinated by the best
Content with sport, beer and sex
It’s always been this way, he bets

Can’t comprend the other side
Why the people choose to fight
when the bombs and mortar fly
Not a tear had left his eye

Thinks that others want his life
they’re envious behind his eyes
If only he could see the lies
perhaps his passion would ignite

But all is lost for common men
their happy with the world their in
no need to think or care for them
They are the enemies my friend


The elders crowd like darkened clouds
Surround the church where gossip lurks
They choose to stay outside to play
Bingo in the hall today

Children ride their bikes on paths
And roads that time have cracked apart
Unfinished ideas line the shops
Some parts are new while others rott

The teenagers just seem to be
Parking late and smoking weed
Local police know where they stay
But still they look the other way

My family sat wedged between
An airport and many factories
The loud planes entering our dreams
Where muffled by trains and worker’s screams

But inspiration still seeped out
With common minds my friends were found
Discussing books that were profound
To form ideals that would astound

To leave the valley was the dream
Until I grew to know the scene
And realized our worlds are formed
Inside our heads
Success is born

Waiting for tomorrow

A bitter-alone time he’d spent all summer
A victim of his own regrets
Subconsciously he forced lonliness
With no defense against his stress

He walked alone and ate alone
Convinced he willed to be alone
With no attempts at wooing girls
His looks still drew them towards his world

Because he was so self-absorbed
Swimming in abhorrent choices
Women’s voices missed his ears
And opportunities disappeared

His martyrdom was self-inflicted
Why he gave up, remains suspicious
Could be that he didn’t try that hard
Or perhaps it was his fear of love

The Predator’s Prey

It followed me into the darkness
Thinking it had my number
Believing itself as the predator
Sure it had me cornered

I stopped walking
Stood in the darkness
Hungry for conflict
Clenching my fists

It darted out in front of me
Following an evil script
Its deadly eyes piercing mine
Shocked at my appearance

I wore a smile with grinning teeth
Bloodied lips and blackened eyes
a blood-stained shirt with strands of flesh
With a severed-finger necklace 
around my neck

Its smile ran off
It stood motionless
Until I took its eyes to eat
When it screamed, I took its tongue
I took its heart, it couldn’t run

Then as it fell I knelt on it
And tore off a finger with my teeth
Cutting it clean from the palm
Another trophy
Another charm

This guy – dudetics

I once knew this guy a friend of a friend of mine

His mindset buried in time

Probably not worth this rhyme

Mentally unbalanced and existentially challenged

Emotionally callous

and fixated on his phallus

Dreams of fame and money led this guy in one direction

Satisfying carnal desires

with uninspired apprehension

The emptiness inside finally ate on through the surface

You could see it in his eyes

This guy was living with no purpose

Anger tweeted him so he reacted and retweeted

Afraid to start all over

He got drunk and #hashbag weeded

Conceived a plan of domination where he was still the victim

Attacked someone for being there

Where all could see and listen

A simple mind procrastinates and waits for it’s reward

grows angry at it’s failures while

The rest of us grow bored

This guy believed the lies of fame and easy money rants

Never took the time to use his mind

Fixated on his pants