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The Architect of Chaos

Who is the ruler?

Set in a square

With biased contradictions

A diamond and an hour-glass

North and South

You must be aware

To join in the ranks

As brothers do share

Pledging ignorance

Between J and B

Cut mother’s apron strings

To wear it casually

Trapezoidal rituals

Check the floor

37 minus 4

Reminisce old paintings bore

Resembling texts

In Asian score

Waiting for the drum

The horns and 

a flute

The picture move quickly



At it’s core it collapses

Because of untruth

Evolution of desire

They remain aloof

The Hidden Truth

Though space and time proceed to be
Swimming together so willingly
The truth remains that entity
So self-contained is plain to see

We see life from the outside in
With no distinction, we live to live
But all we see and hear and touch,
Including our flesh, can none we trust

Deception is the test we face
With depth-perception inner-space
No matter how, no matter what
There is no matter, it matters not.

So all our plans may seem in vain
Like trying to run inside your brain
A brain that don’t exist at all
The unseen self perceives the world.

Still space and time move through the void
The dream of matter is destroyed
The path of life is clear as day
Be truth your beacon on your way.

Promised Land

Oh how it glistens, the stars above the Promised Land,

Oh how it glistens, the blood upon oppressor’s hands.

And time it has no chance to move,

The stench of death it follows you,

And dreams are had but none come true,

And hope is how they see it through.

Luck is earned but truth is born,

And order’s by the devil’s sword,

Eyes that bleed but do not blink

More gruesome than you ever saw

The stones they cry and carry men,

Waiting to be born again

As birds to flee within the night

But heavy hearts hinder their flight.

And thoughts of nothing fill the crowds

Anxiousness stays unannounced

Now recklessness has been aroused

And tunes of death begin to sound.

Armageddon, get involved.

Corpses line the streets of old

With the saddest eyes they pray

The sun to melt their tears away

No one runs, it’s time to die

Preachers kill and children fight

Soldiers hide, they have no pride

And every day bleeds into night

Oh how they glisten, the sparks upon the Promised Land,

Oh how they glisten, the stains of blood upon their hands

And innocence has lost its way

And life is still a dream away

They wished for death and so they lay

A promise kept, it’s where they’ll stay.

Meditative Tasting

So I have shown how to use Meditation to;

  1. Calm your self
  2. Slow your breathing
  3. Focus on the spiritual
  4. Release the bad energy and fill yourself with good energy
  5. Invent a world on peace

But how about attacking the physical sensors. The mind is a powerful thing and you can use it convince your body it is sick or healthy.

Meditation and Taste

You can also deceive your mind into sensing taste. Self-control is about total control of your sensors so if you are up for the challenge try this out.

The Meditation

Prepare yourself for meditation as I went through in my previous post, low noise, comfortable position, deep slow breaths , release the bad energy and fill yourself with the good, be at a happy state of mind.

Psychology of taste

Taste is about smell and texture so when meditating  imagine yourself holding a lemon in your hand.

1. roll it around in your fingers feeling the bumps and hardness of it’s skin.

2. bring it towards your nose and smell the scent of lemon.

3. bring it back out and roll it in your fingers one more time.

4. Finally take a slow bite of that lemon and you will taste the sourness on your tongue.

How did you go?

Depending on how slow and focused you were you should have tasted that lemon.

Give me some feedback and tell me how you went.

Next post I will show you how far physical senses can go whilst meditating.

Re: Learn how to Meditate

In April I posted something up about how I had taught myself how to meditate and even physically exercise while doing so.

Imagine Prayer meets Meditation meets Deep Breathing meets Self-Hypnosis meets Exercise.

How it began?

I have a friend that meditates regularly and sends me audio tapes and books about how to meditate involving Chakras and astral projection and other stuff that I find hard to get my head around.

I never mediated except for Dhikr which as a muslim is an act of stopping and remembering God before doing something. But it is also an escape from the world; a small prayer.

While remembering God I’d feel all else fade away except myself and God, but I don’t see God just feel that He sees me. (Just like normal prayer).

Meditation; as my friend told me was to empty your mind and find peace within yourself.

Now I felt I already had peace as during prayer we are to ignore all other distractions, we cannot even break wind because we would become dirty and have to perform ablutions again.

Islamic Meditation?

Now I don’t want to turn my teachings of meditation into Islamic Meditation so all I’m talking about here is how I got to my techniques where I came from.

In Islam we don’t need meditation because our prayer is intense personal and our Dhikr (remembrance) is intense and personal.

My reason for  getting into meditation was to relax while not in prayer and to try some ideas that I had; to play with my mind-body connection.

The Meditation Empty and fill

  • I just sat with my legs crossed and back straight and closed my eyes making sure that the phones were off and I wouldn’t be distracted for a while.  One thing I noticed about the meditation position is that you should be at a point of relaxation and a little pain so that you do not fall asleep. So  sit up straight and be a little stretched.
  • I continuously breath deeply and slowly in through my mouth and out through my mouth. (It’s just how I do it, you can breath through your nose if you wish.)

After I got nice and calm;

  • The first meditation
  • I close my eyes and picture myself sitting in a  grass field that  extends  in each direction indefinitely.
  • I feel only I exist as well as  God or  a light from above.
  • I breathed all of the air slowly into my lungs imagining all of my negativity running up my legs and arms towards my chest and collecting inside me. then I’d exhale it all back out slowly down my arms and legs and out through my toes and fingertips.
  • I continue  this  until  I  feel  empty of all negativity.
  • The first growing
  • First I gear my mind towards happiness and smile while I inhale all of the positive power in the universe. I feel it running up and fingers and toes along my legs and arms and filling my body.

This was the first meditation I did and still do. I have many more advanced ones to share but I’ll leave those for other posts as it is just too much information to take in all at once.

Thoughts on Political Correctness and more

How do people really react and who are the outcasts?

People react however they are programmed to react through the repetition or slight changing of words and phrases in the media.


Changing Phrases 


For example wives and mothers who;

  • take care of the house
  • look after the children
  • run errands
  • and much more 

used to be called “home-makers.” Which is great because a house is made of bricks and wood but a home is made of love, hard work and commitment. The phrase “home-maker” indicates one who makes the house a home and who better to do that than a loving wife and mother.

But now we are conditioned to use the derogatory substitute “stay at home mum.”

Indicating that she is just a mum who stays at home. I’m not a woman but I’m furious because you do not call my wife, the mother of my children a stay at home mum.

So now you can see how much damage changing one phrase can do….


Repetition of words

An Experiment in Public Opinion

I’m a passionate person and proud of what I believe in and the morals I keep and I have no problem with everyone being proud of what they believe in or have achieved.


Let’s say we conducted an experiment in a public place where;

1. A man stood up in the middle of a crowd and shouted;

“I’m gay and I’m proud and I love myself.”

There is no doubt that he would be applauded and it’s good to be accepted by your fellow man.

2. A woman stood up in the middle of a crowd and said;

“I’m a single mother, I don’t need a man I love my children, provide for them and they never miss out.”

There is no doubt that she would be applauded and it’s important to be accepted by your fellow man.

3. I stood up in the middle of a crowd and said;

“Bismillah iRRahman IRRahim, I believe that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah.”

What the hell would the crowd’s reaction be?


Each one of us had something to say about what we are most passionate about in life but because of our collective conditioning we don’t really hear what people are saying anymore.

And I’m not saying that the conditioning hasn’t reached me, if someone started stating their declaration of faith in the middle of a crowd I’d look for the exit  as well. But I know that it is the wrong way to react.

Due to us being told over and over again Muslim Terrorist, Islamic Fundamentalist , these are not just words they are programming you to always associate the word;

Muslim = Terrorist


Islamic = Fundamentalist


Ye Olde Divide and Conquer

I’m no big fan of Political Correctness or what I call

“Culture Conditioning”

Whereby they use Multiculturalism to celebrate our differences which actually reinforces our differences without celebrating our similarities.


Similarities and Differences

We are conditioned into becoming smaller groups, they want us all to keep dividing ourselves into groups because;

“It is easier to stomp a millions ants than to face a raging rhino.”

Once in groups we can be pitted against each other until we are only individuals who need to survive off the ‘State.”


The Plan

Then we will be ready for them to give us

One Religion

One Currency

and One ultimate dystopia.

Just some thoughts for your mind…