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Is Haiku the future of poetry?

I love Haiku, they are clever and snack-sized.



50th Birthday card I’d like to see!


So You’re 50!


Don’t get too excited you’re not the first one to make it this far.

Hey remember when you were 40! Oh sorry you probably don’t remember things that far back.


Just a few things to remember (if you can);

  • Just cut it really short because we all know it is a comb-over
  • Don’t laugh too hard unless you’re already sitting on the toilet
  • Don’t wear tight pants for any reason at all. Even if forced to do so at gunpoint.
  • White socks don’t go with black shoes
  • Cardigans add 20 years to your age
  • Yes, the neighbours do hate you
  • You walk too slow.
  • Young people look at you because they see themselves in 30 years and get scared 

Hope you have a great day and enjoy your roast beef dinner.



Enjoy clever Haiku poems?

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100 Music Haiku – I use song titles of famous artists to create unique clever Haiku’s.


Emo Haiku – we all have trotted through the darkness at one point in our lives, these 20 Haiku represent the dark feelings I had in my younger years.



Comical haiku – City coffee shop

Suited up, snarling

Waiting as the fog rolls in

“Black cappuccino”


Comical haiku – Coffee now

Just a coffee please

“And how would you like it sir?”

In a cup will do


Comical haiku – Breakfast brawl

So what’s for breakfast?

“How about some exercise?”

How ’bout a black eye?



Comical haiku – I’m better than you

I sleep in the nude

“Oh yeah, I shop in the nude”

I bathe in my clothes


Comical haiku – A love story

I love making love

It’s such a beautiful thing

But just not with you



Comical haiku – Let them eat cake

How does that cake taste?

“Not bad, it’s a little tart”

You are what you eat


Comical haiku – Law-giver

Yes, I’m a lawyer

“Does that mean you help people”

Yes, for the right price