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What is the best job for me?

Recently my sister chose to cut her Aged Care course short because as she explains “They never mentioned at the beginning that we’d have to wipe old people’s bums.” Nice.

Government funded courses

Here in Australia the government actually funds courses for those who have no degrees or certificates. And that’s great. But it is to fill low paying hard working jobs most of them casual positions which leave you with no security in the long run.

The suitable long term job

With my sister’s case I suggested that she rethink her job seeking and take into consideration, her age, the fact that she is female, her experience and the time of day she is available.

The jobs that governments push are in Aged Care, Warehousing, Factory machine workers, Childcare workers and Road construction workers.

All of these are fine professions and if you are passionate about them then go right ahead and take advantage.

But the vast majority of people don’t want these jobs and just go for it anyway out of desperation.

Australia’s future

You need to think logically, think of what we are becoming as a Nation.

What types of work will be available in the future?

We will see more and more factories appear and most jobs will become casual as it benefits the employers.

1. Recruitment agencies

Any job working for a recruitment agency will see you live comfortably into the near future, we need recruiters to hire the future casuals for tomorrow’s factories and employee-revolving businesses.

2. Manager, Supervisors, Leaders

Becoming a Manager/Supervisor is also a good way of keeping full time work as the casuals will need competent managers to keep them in check.

3. Council and Government jobs

Let’s face it, we aren’t taking down the government anytime soon so there will be a great career working for our superfluous leaders.

4. Psychologist

If you are still young and have the drive then the world is not getting any easier so you will have plenty of “clients”.

5. Any outdoor physical work

Let’s face it we all need sun and exercise so to get paid to be outside on a nice day is just awesome. I have held many jobs as a labourer but they are very temperamental at time.
The ideal thing would be to build up your skills and go out working for yourself, have it as a fallback plan.

The necessity of multiple incomes

Many have said it and written about it, we must secure ourselves by having multiple incomes or at least the skills to obtain work in different areas when one becomes redundant.