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Waiting for tomorrow

A bitter-alone time he’d spent all summer
A victim of his own regrets
Subconsciously he forced lonliness
With no defense against his stress

He walked alone and ate alone
Convinced he willed to be alone
With no attempts at wooing girls
His looks still drew them towards his world

Because he was so self-absorbed
Swimming in abhorrent choices
Women’s voices missed his ears
And opportunities disappeared

His martyrdom was self-inflicted
Why he gave up, remains suspicious
Could be that he didn’t try that hard
Or perhaps it was his fear of love

The Predator’s Prey

It followed me into the darkness
Thinking it had my number
Believing itself as the predator
Sure it had me cornered

I stopped walking
Stood in the darkness
Hungry for conflict
Clenching my fists

It darted out in front of me
Following an evil script
Its deadly eyes piercing mine
Shocked at my appearance

I wore a smile with grinning teeth
Bloodied lips and blackened eyes
a blood-stained shirt with strands of flesh
With a severed-finger necklace 
around my neck

Its smile ran off
It stood motionless
Until I took its eyes to eat
When it screamed, I took its tongue
I took its heart, it couldn’t run

Then as it fell I knelt on it
And tore off a finger with my teeth
Cutting it clean from the palm
Another trophy
Another charm


From hopelessness true heroes are born
Driven by anger, hunger and urgency
Warriors of retribution leading the way
Forging the foundation for future revolutions

But one man can only do so much
Give his life for justice, while the rest nest
Under the most hostility yet he refuses to complain
A Rock only causes damage when thrown

In these shallow days nothing is sacred
Yet people shuffle on inconspicuously
Hoarding time
Waiting for others to change

Close Encounter of the Nerd Kind

It flew above my head
Excited and flickering lights
Sending wishes of supernatural delights
It left the whole street in awe that night

They were branded the enemies
At war we lost so many lives
Military and civilians, ruined houses and buildings
Gullible at their obvious disguise

And when the dust settled
We rose as the victors
But our money had depleted
We lived a life of rummage, our pride and hearts defeated

The rulers took us under their wings
To settle our debts we worked the feilds
Dug mines and stood in production lines
All to get our bread and wine

But a few things just seemed too odd
How Monuments shot purple sparks
How they navigated our landscapes fast
How they had mastered Tesla’s rod

At first we thought they came from God
Or outer space from distant stars
Where they took off is where they landed
We’ve all been duped
thats how they planned it

So as we sit and watch the stars
Our DNA is melting fast
Our poisoned food and water feeds
Our brainwashed minds until they bleed

It’s Oh so hard to break the chains
When one comes free, it joins again
We try so hard to fight the top
When its ourselves that need to stop

They don’t control our mouths and eyes
Decisions we must make them wise
And not buy into doublespeak
We are ourselves, that’s all we need

Writing good poetry

Defusing Poetry


To write good poetry I don’t think you need a topic at all.

Instead you need to obsess on a feeling, in all art I believe obsession makes up the biggest part.



As their is no true love without jealousy. There is no true  artist or true genius without obsession.

Passion beyond sanity; it is where the artist is unable to hold two emotions at the same time.


Expression through sacrifice

Art is expression in all of it’s forms, therefore in order for art to be inspired from all corners of the mind the artist loses their mind just to experience negative emotions.

What type of person would do anything to feel what they crave?

A completely obsessed individual, that’s who.


Great artists sacrifice it all for their art, family, health etc just to leave their mark on history.


And they do.




So take advantage of every emotion that enters you.

Pick it up and squeeze it like a sponge,

let the feelings drip onto the page and share it with the rest of the world.