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The Master Plan

The world will be convinced that life is everlasting.

We must accumulate more possessions than we can afford.

Adorn the latest fashion that others export to our shores.

And those who sell us remedies created the inflicting cause.


Everyone is a number, consumers with hollow bellies.

A statistic in the making. A sucker for the taking.

A mind in tune with Hollywood but ignorant of its surroundings.

Education will not be enough, it’s fame that keeps resounding.


God is lost behind receipts and science nurses many.

Fatty food is Oh so cheap.

With minimum wage our future is bleak.

A few men think but many speak, the problems are remaining.


A deadly cocktail for the mind the media has us hypnotized.

Useless things fill up our thoughts.

Fornication, money, sports. Distract us and divide us up.

When we don’t talk we have no trust.


Materialistic selfish ponce,

who clings to earth is what they want.

A reckless spendthrift prejudice curse,

Who’d steal from his own mother’s purse.


Enslave the globe to serve the rich.

Between the lines of the marketing pitch.

Many wars to kill the stubborn,

those who oppose their evil drumming.


Destroy the family unit at home.

Forced segregation upon the whole globe.

The banks put us in cages they rightfully own.

Our whole lives paying mortgage loans.


Now they start to help us think,

make our decisions so we can win

a spot in their production line

a harsh tomorrow we’ll see in time.