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Do you think all culture is manufactured/fabricated to control us?

Religion, food, music, film, clothing, language, material possessions; these things basically make up our culture and they are controlled by the media and those in rich high places.

How many people can honestly say that if they had not listened to any music or watched any films they would be in the same situation that they are now?

This propaganda has been put in place and it purposefully separates child from parents “needless rebellion”, man from woman “gender competition”. It controls the direction of our careers in life.

Children used to follow in their parents footsteps and take over the family business, etc.

But now it is rebellion, wasting their youth and money. Wanting easy answers to complex problems.

Do you think this is all on purpose?

I do.

My kids can read.

I’ve recently tried a few techniques to teach my children how to read, to my surprise they took it all in and were even begging for more.

When grabbing the attention of 2 – 5 year olds I’ve found that  you need physical aides and humour, even with these things you get about 15 minutes of hard concentration and that is a good amount of time.

Also it seems to work better when teaching more than one child at a time because it becomes a group activity where each child tries to outdo the other.


The way to go about it is to feed them no more than six words in one lesson.

Show them each word and let them look at it for a few seconds before pointing to and saying the word.

Keep repeating the process until you no longer have to say the word, only point to it and they will be able to identify it.

This is basic word-image association and it is how we all learn.

The hard part

The hard part is keeping their attention  and giving them enough enthusiasm that they want to proceed and exceed their skills.

Children are not stupid so you need to actually have fun doing it or they will hate it. Take this opportunity to spend valuable time with your children. It does take some time but when they begin to read on their own they will absolutely love it. And you can watch in pride as they grow more confident and intelligent.