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Rethinking Democracy

Recently questions were raised about the effectiveness of our system of governance and if there were a better way to run the country.
Some suggestions included allowing the youth ( under 25’s) to have a say in the direction of the country, another suggestion was having inexperienced committees of people have their say such as in ancient greek times, both terribly stupid ideas.
The youth and the uneducated are inexperienced and have no place in making such important decisions.
But rethinking democracy is a great thing to do because it is an ancient outdated system that we live by.

Changing the foundations of governance

We need to change the foundations of government and accept that there are certain things that we need to let go of or change in order for society to progress in the right direction.

Here is just 2 things that need to change in order for society to progress;

1. Usury/Interest has to go, the interest rate should be zero.
2. The legal system needs to change, the uncivilized such as murderers and rapists must be treated uncivilized, i.e introduce the death penalty, extradition, etc.



The necessity of Usury/interest is the biggest lie ever accepted by society. Be it religious belief or just straight economic intelligence the truth is that there is no need for interest. The fact that our money has the ability to earn by just sitting there is an unfair and unproductive truth, likewise paying back money that we did not borrow is another unfair and unproductive truth.

With interest money becomes a goal and not a currency. People want to have money but not spend money.
Without interest money is just a currency used to buy things of value. People would want to spend money because there would be no point in holding onto it.

Interest and money

If interest didn’t exist then people would have to use their money and turn it into real assets.
Without interest people would find it much harder to gain an unfair advantage over others.

Interest rates

People would not have to buy their houses on credit and spend their whole lives paying off the interest. They wouldn’t hold their breath waiting to see where the interest rates were heading.

International warefare

Countries and/or Banks could not hold other countries for randsom over their interest oweing.


The Legal System

15 years ago I could go to the city and shop without fear. I could go to any night-spot even alone and not feel threatened.

Today, I wont go to the city at night because I’m allergic to being stabbed or king-hit. Even families going out to dine in restaurants have been targetted and men have been beaten up in front of their wives and children.


Road-rage has risen and people have resorted to not only knocking each other out but pulling guns on each other.


The youth walk around picking fights but they don’t fight fair anymore, not like when I was young. Now the youth pull knives on everyone even for fun.


Public Executions

I’m all for harsh penalties for harsh crimes rather than harsh penalties for minor crimes ( which is what our system looks like right now ).
Whenever I bring up the topic of Public Executions or the Death Penalty everyone cries unfair and barbaric.

Firstly I’m sorry I want to take away your right to get away with murder and rape and secondly it is the people committing these crimes that are unfair and barbaric.
What we need to do is treat the uncivilized how they deserve to be treated.
Why should I feel bad about making the world a better place for my children and other law-abiding people?


The Naughty Children

When the under-aged commit crimes I believe that the parents should partake in the punishment as well. Parents need to control their children.
Take accountability for your children’s mistakes until they understand that they must be held accountable for their own actions.

So once we have abolished usury and put in place a just and wise legal system we will see much of our problems correct themselves.

But there is still so much more to fix such as;
The education system, The health system, etc.