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From hopelessness true heroes are born
Driven by anger, hunger and urgency
Warriors of retribution leading the way
Forging the foundation for future revolutions

But one man can only do so much
Give his life for justice, while the rest nest
Under the most hostility yet he refuses to complain
A Rock only causes damage when thrown

In these shallow days nothing is sacred
Yet people shuffle on inconspicuously
Hoarding time
Waiting for others to change

The Night

The night just arouses suspicion.

Streets laced with lamps, clouds in a trance.

Time seems to lose its position.

Trying to flee, the darkness I see,

Heart rate increases, “Is this a dream?”

Where will I be without sanity?

Madness is not a decision.

I walk amongst angels, discussing this life,

Feeding my soul, enhancing my sight.

But if I blink I’ll be lonesome tonight.

Your mind is the ultimate prison.

“Where are they going?” The on-lookers say.

Pointing and smirking, as if they’re o.k.

Most-likely knowing, they envy our way.

If not then why would they listen.

Trying to flee, the darkness in me,

Examine my youth, and all that I see,

Vague memories about sanity.

Madness I hear when I listen

The Deadest Bequest


We are beings of bondage carrying loads

Giving chase to our dreams along broken roads

Declaring our self gods

To inherit the globe

Indulging in extremes

Until we explode

Sacrificing substance and noble exchanges

For public awkward silence and sexual dangers

The whole of humanity

Have now become strangers

Hoarding belongings

To become our own Saviours