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Parenting Poetry – Living Life

Happiness is when;

Children can be loud and messy

The cleaning up can wait

All worries disappear

When bonding escalates

You can see each other

Without the need to rush

And spend some time just talking

Really not about that much

Arguments do take place

All points of view are heard

But just as fast they go away

Without the use of words

To live a life of fulfilment

To raise your children right

To find the love of someone else

Is truly living life


Marriage will save you


Marriage for the right reasons will save you.


I sit here tonight watching my 2 year old daughter fall asleep.

My wife and other two children have already fallen asleep.


Choose your destiny

I think about where my life would be right now had I not met and pursued my wife. If I hadn’t revealed to everyone I met that “I’m not seeking a single life, I want marriage and children, I want to experience all that life has to offer. I want to be a husband and a father, I want to grow up.”

Most of my friends have remained single, some even still living at home and in their 30’s.

Although I did leave home rather late at 25, I really wanted to leave and go live on my own at 17 and I see no problem with this. Unless the 17 year old doesn’t have a good head on  their shoulders.


Different lives, worlds apart

I now see how far apart the single life is compared to the married with children life.

Single life is suspended adolescence, especially when you still live at home. How are you supposed to really experience life as an adult.


But I don’t want to get married

Marriage is just like a long term relationship. But as adults we should mature into wanting things such as wives, husbands, partners and children. 

You don’t have to be financially stable to have children. Have them, and then you will bite, kick and do whatever you have to to become financially stable. Children bring reason and purpose into life. As does a significant other.


Looking back


Looking back I think about why I needed money and I had no reason; only to survive. But now I see that what I make is used to support my family. As a single man all my money was wasted on useless junk and useless repetitive experiences.


You want advice

Go look for a wife in all the right places, read Steve Biddulph’s book “The New Manhood”.

Read other great books about what it really means to be a man. 


But marriage means the end of my  life

No, believe it or not it”s the beginning of a great new chapter in your life. It should mean the end of adolescence and the end of pursuing women. You now have a wife that hopefully supports you and vice versa. So you have no need to seek pleasure from women elsewhere and that alone should free up most of your time.

Now with this free time you can romance your wife and build a family. 

Teaching children to help others

Recently I noticed that my daughter was purposely ignoring other girls in her class that wanted to be her friends.

I approached her about it but she just smiled not thinking that it was a big deal.


This little girl was fascinated with becoming my daughters friend and would even ask to help pack up her belongings when it was time to go home.

I told my daughter that she needed to be friends with this girl who was being nice to her.


Raising caring children

I realised that my child needed to be more caring and to achieve this I’d have to associate a good feeling with helping others.

So I now get my daughter to help me, especially in the kitchen where she loves to be. She gets rewarded for her good actions and her bad actions get no positive attention at all.


She seems to wanto help me more but I’m not quite sure that she I doing it out f care, just for the love I give back.

pI know she is my daughter but she can be very mean and I have to change n her ways now before she tuns into the bad girl at school.


Lifeless flesh clinging for its life,

Anticipating breath, before it formed a mind

The yearning to have vision, before it formed its eyes.

An immaculate decision, with wisdom from up high.

Buoyant pre-existence, amphibious with persistence

Comfortably claustrophobic, and growing by the inches

Searching for the answers in its maternal prison

Why had I been chosen, or isn’t it my business.

A council of the Angels arrive at their position

Asking all the questions as they sit and watch and listen.

Once the scroll is rolled up the writing can begin

A life that’s full of questions, the answers lay within.

Sexist programming in cartoons

Every so often I sit and watch my daughter’s favourite cartoons with her, they each follow the same type of script and portray the sexes differently.

The Heroines are of course beautiful young women/ponies/mermaids and the evil ones are male and always led by a female.

When there are good males they lack confidence and constantly seek the approval of the females.

The problem

I am a strong male role model and this confuses my daughter sometimes. Because she has been brainwashed by these shows she does not expect me to take control and becomes afraid when I do.

The solution

I monitor all programs that my children watch now and there are only a handful I approve of which have their own problems.

I have shown her alternative male characters from superheroes to sports stars.

It is unfortunate that our culture has been hijacked by the Satanists and continuously led in this direction. 

Growing up

I can already see that the brainwashing will continue because I am savvy to all television shows. But what is the answer? How do I solve this dilemma?


If I force her into accepting what I consider normal then she will become a social outcast, that is if she accepts it. 


My upbringing

Television and music were just the same when I was growing up and I was led astray into accepting this nonsense. But I saw it for what it really is and I hope that she will too.


I’m just lucky that I had a few friends who also didn’t accept what we were fed as being natural.

The gender wars, how society should be run and the relationship we have with God have all been purposely changed to keep us in a state of suspended animation, and endless adolescence.

Lead by example

My only chance is to lead by example and hopefully that will be enough to show her that real happiness and success are not achieved through material possessions or our sexual appeal. But by our strong moral standings and confidence in who we should be and what we should act like.


Why choose to get married?

Why do it?

There are many reasons why people decide to get married but a real marriage should be made from love and understanding. No two people should jump into marriage without mutual agreements on what they expect from each other and what they hope to achieve.

It is impossible to learn why marriage is important from the media and today’s world in general because there has been a system put in place to purposely defame and nullify marriage. Marriage must be experienced in order for it to be properly understood.

Marriage is a new beginning.

Marriage is the opening of a new life for two people. This life will include both happiness and sadness but it is in the actual work needed to contain a happy marriage that both people will find fulfillment.

By the time the question of marriage comes into your life you should be at a mature enough level to want to keep challenging yourself. You should be wise enough to know that your happiness depends on how highly you regard yourself and what better way to test your greatness than with marriage.

You should get married so that you can erase the need for a partner and focus on the many more options that life has to offer you. How much time do men and women spend trying to impress or lure the opposite sex? A life free of this will give you many more hours in your day to build yourself up into the best person you can be.

Maturity, wisdom, self-control and patience all of these things are waiting for you in a marriage, you just need the ambition to be that person you know you can be.

Marriage requires you seek new priorities

I was discussing with my wife when she thinks a boy becomes a man, she and I both agreed that a boy becomes a man when he takes on the responsibility of caring for his wife and when he protects and provides for his children.

Some men may act tough and assume they have their freedom because they don’t work or care for their families, they may think that trying is not required from them. You men are not men at all you are still boys, if you were real men you could handle a wife, children and work and earn the respect from your family.

It is in a man’s true nature to want to take on the world and conquer and experience all that he can, stop glamorizing sex it is just a physical act we use to procreate, strive for more.

So marriage and starting a family to me is the most challenging thing in this world and I’m up for any challenge because I am a real man.

So if you men want to prove to: yourself, your family, the world and God that you have real power then get married.

What Children Understand

Wow, it is amazing what children pick-up on. There is no hiding anything when they get to be over three years old. Why didn’t anyone tell me this?

Even having scattered conversations with my wife throughout the day seems to rearrange into comprehensible information inside my children’s heads. Then I face a barrage of questions about my work, bills and who is fighting with who.

The only escape is a second language provided the children don’t understand that as well.

Unfortunately for my parents I understood them when they spoke in their mother tongue trying to hide the conversation.


I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no point in deceiving the kids about things. But when it comes to that which does not concern them such as Bills, Money and other Adult things that is where I stop talking and they don’t get involved.

Because they are children and don’t need to know about the hard struggle, just the happy bits.

They Understand

Despite how basic their understanding of events and information is; it is a fact that they understand. Whether they just associate bad feelings with a word, it doesn’t matter because the connection has been made.

I’m going to be more careful when I speak and act around my children from now on and I suggest that you do so too.