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Write SEO Articles easier.

Like many things in life you can make writing SEO articles easier by following a few formulas and rules.

Attempting to loosely write a rich content-filled article can cause serious problems in the end and just be making more work for yourself.


Don’t be too proud to learn from others, there is always an easier way to do something and when it comes to writing why not spend more time on your style of writing and less time on figuring out how to write SEO.






Here are the steps that I use to write a 400 word SEO rich article.




If you are writing for a client then be sure to adhere to their requests as well as following the formula that I provide for you.

1. Know your topic and if you do not then research it for a couple of minutes to half an hour. Jot down any relevant things or interesting facts along the way.


2. Write out the article format you wish to follow; here is one that I use for 400 word articles



  • For example lets say we are writing about dry-cleaners in New York


  • Articles must flow organically so here are the steps I would write in.


  • The title must be long (typical for SEO to get as much information out there as possible)
  • “How to go about choosing the best Dry-cleaners to use when in New York.”


  • Be sure to include the title in the first two lines of the articles.


  • In the next paragraph or two lines be sure to mention how difficult it is to find good dry-cleaners in New York.

The first part of the article has now been written, now the body must be done. SEO articles thrive when the amount of paragraphs is at it’s highest possible. But each paragraph must be about something different otherwise it will be useless, repetitive and unprofessional.


  • For the body let’s write at least five paragraphs of about 50 words each tops.


  • Paragraph one; discuss how New York is large and how it can be difficult to move around and get to places on time.


  • Paragraph two; explain why sticking with one good dry-cleaner and forming a good relationship is important even if it costs more.


  • Paragraph three; Explain how word of mouth, reviews on-line and advertising all should contribute to your selection of dry-cleaner.


  • Paragraph four; Give reasons as to why dry-cleaning is important and necessary, also why it’s worth paying for.


  • Paragraph five: close the article’s body by re-enforcing the benefits of making a long-term relationship with a great dry-cleaners in New York.


Now we come to the closing part of the article of the conslusion.

There really is no conclusion to this type of article except that you must Re-cap what you have said and end it positively because you have given the reader sound advice.




So there you have it





a formula for writing 400 word SEO articles.




I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

10 things Lawyers would never say and really mean.

1. My parents are so proud of me

2. I promise to never abuse the legal system to my financial advantage

3. People respect me

4. I was just going over the books and realised that I owe you money

5. I hope you and your wife work things out

6. I don’t see the need to sue them

7. Yeah but you got to consider human emotion

8. I’m doing the community a much needed service

9. Don’t divorce , think of the children

10. “No your honor do not send him to jail, I will take his place.”