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Liebster Award


Wow this is amazing, lots of thanks to crissybwell for nominating myself for a Liebster Award.

She has great blogs that you must check them out,  especially her Honest & Raw poetry, phew!!

The Liebster Award rules are as follows:

1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you, with a link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 of your own questions to ask your nominees.
3. Nominate 11 blogs of your choice: new, old, just found, following, or you think deserve some notice; and let them know they’ve been nominated!
4. Show off the Award photo on your blog!
5. No tag backs–meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

Here are the 11 questions, which were asked by “crissybwell”:

1)What season is your favourite and why? probably Summer because here in Australia the summers get so hot and I love hot nights.

2) If you could collaborate with anyone on a novel, song, poem, whatever, who would it be? I would love to collaborate on a film with Steven King, just the ideas coming out of him would be amazing.

3) What color best describes you? I think that grey best describes me as I’m not willing to make an effort to be a real colour.

4 Has any blog affected your own way/style of writing and if so how? No blog has affected the way I write but definitely the way I read. I’m more inclined to continue reading posts even if the heading doesn’t catch me eye. There are many hidden gems in wordpress sites.

5) What fictional character is most like you? Probably Spiderman but only in the sense that he and I have great talents but they never work well for us.

6) What is your fondest memory? Laughing with my family when I was young.

7) Where do you go when you need to escape? I’m here right now. Inside my head. It is hard to escape with three children under 6 years of age so you must turtle-neck it.

8) What is the most important thing in your life right now? Same as every other time, the health, safety and happiness of those I love.

9) Describe your blog in one word. Mixed.

10) What is your favorite movie? Donnie Darko.

11) Who has had the most influence on your life and how is it evident in your life today? My belief in The Creator has changed me from a pathless person to a man on a mission, it is evident by what I choose to do or not to do daily.

And my 11 Questions are:

1. Was the name of your blog the first choice you had in mind or did you have to settle for something different?

2. What is your favourite smell?

3. What is your ideal occupation? Are you living it?

4. Do you believe in ghosts?

5. What superpower do you wish you had?

6. If you could time travel where and when would you go to?

7. What makes you happy?

8. What is your favourite food or dish?

9. What would you do with a million dollars?

10. Would the world benefit from your advice? What advice would you give people?

11. Where do you see your blog going in the future?

Now finally last but not least, time for my nominees:

1. Walter Bright

2. Michael Lai

3. Ayoub Mzee

4. Jack Curtis

5. What resides inside

6. Kimberly

7. Ashi Akira

8. Evolved Love

9. A Holistic Journey

10. Rebel VS The World

11. Anshulstefandre