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Global Extermination

What is Global Extermination?

Are the “elite” planning to exterminate us so that they can better control a smaller population?

Sure, that is one way to do it but the real threat is hidden.

Look at how countries have been taken over in the past, let us take Iraq for example;

Step 1: Bring and keep to power an evil dictator.

Step 2: Keep the people divided and practising hate and segregation; use sport, education, political correctness, funding for unequal/unnecessary causes, feminism, cultural diversity.

Step 3: Upkeep a corrupt legal system.

Step 4: Fund both sides of the conflict until the country is brought to it’s knees.

Step 5: Take the Bank if it isn’t already took and add high interest loans to keep that country in debt.

Step 6: Brainwash the civilians into accepting a heritage that doesn’t require them to fight for collective success and real freedom. And that fighting the “liberators” makes them “insurgents”.

Step 7: Sit back and watch the country destroy itself.

Why waste time killing people off when you can make them destroy each other?