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Pregnancy Card I’d like to see!

Congratulations on the little bundle of joy that’s on the way!

Welcome to the constipation train

  • Food will be served at any random inconvenient time
  • Today’s menu consists of absolutely anything decided upon at the last minute
  • Today’s forecast is sunny with a few showers and the chance of a nervous breakdown
  • But do not at any time discuss the forecast
  • The Smell alert for today is Extremely High
  • And inanimate objects will suddenly appear in your walking path
  • The toilet will become you’re new resting place
  • If you do decide to have a sleep please remember to change positions every 3 minutes for optimal relaxation

Lot’s of luck and may God have mercy on your soul!

The bond a new baby brings

The bond a new baby brings

Rise and cry the sterile gawk
My throat is dirt
Refuse to talk
Amazed at what this life has brought
That silent smile
Moves vibrant hearts

I was left with peace of mind
An unexpected piece of mine
My sour grapes made sweeter wine
I’d left the dying world behind

The female vessel sitting strong
Deep in prayer to deflect wrong
Her world had now turned inside out
One crying child attached to spouse

All about the house was fun
Our child had yet to feel the sun
We felt our lives had just begun
A distant vision will be done

Soiled sheets and gargled words
How joyful things are so absurd
We’ve become adults overnight
To child belong our ways and work

But unemployment bore its fangs
It seemed our unit would collapse
With prayer and sacrifice we rose
From nothingness to brand new clothes

And thus the common story goes
A struggling family break the chains
It did take time and tears and pain
To work the negative away

I rise and smile prepare for work
And thank the Lord
For lessons taught
Amazed at what our lives have wrought
Together we’re a vibrant force.