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How to become inspired

Look harder

If you cannot find inspiration in this magical world then you are not looking hard or long enough. The truth is that with all our differences we still find similar things to draw inspiration from.

Whether it takes sitting at a cafe staring into the lives of strangers or laying solitaire on your back in the sand listening to the ocean waves crash in the distance we all find our muse in sensations.


Internal and external

I feel myself becoming inspired or ‘juiced-up’ as I put it when my passions are flared. If something I hold great interest in has been drawn into my creative vision I become alive and attack it from all angles.

Sometimes my hunger is satiated from within, other times the source is external.

I see no distinction between writing a song, an article, a speech, a piece of poetry or a short story; they each consume my whole being and take me to places that I could only ever dream of.

Writing is escapism, a healthy addiction. To get paid for being an addict would be great, but even greater is the self-realization that we as individuals have grown as writers.

Inspiration can be drawn from our own genius. We can be our own muses.


The singular universe

Don’t flip out but why not try creating your own universe.


You heard me…

I used to get writer’s block a lot, especially when I was writing comedy shorts. To resolve my problem rather than having a good meal and a good night’s sleep I decided in my zombie state to expel the universe and create my own.

Step 1:

Go outdoors and be sure to rug up if it’s cold. Be sure you are alone and there is minimal noise.

Step 2:

Kneel or sit in a comfortable position. Then proceed to practice calm brreathing and arm movements.

Step 3:

Without making any noise tear away the universe in pieces. With your right hand suck up the trees and discard them. With your left destroy the ground beneath your feet until you are solely floating in space, your creative space.

Step 4:

Think of nothing except the emptiness surrounding you and the strength of your creative genius growing stronger and stronger.

Writing good poetry

Defusing Poetry


To write good poetry I don’t think you need a topic at all.

Instead you need to obsess on a feeling, in all art I believe obsession makes up the biggest part.



As their is no true love without jealousy. There is no true  artist or true genius without obsession.

Passion beyond sanity; it is where the artist is unable to hold two emotions at the same time.


Expression through sacrifice

Art is expression in all of it’s forms, therefore in order for art to be inspired from all corners of the mind the artist loses their mind just to experience negative emotions.

What type of person would do anything to feel what they crave?

A completely obsessed individual, that’s who.


Great artists sacrifice it all for their art, family, health etc just to leave their mark on history.


And they do.




So take advantage of every emotion that enters you.

Pick it up and squeeze it like a sponge,

let the feelings drip onto the page and share it with the rest of the world.