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Deciding to sell your poetry on Amazon

I decided to put my haiku collections up on Amazon and I suggest that everyone who has yet to try publishing an eBook but has always really wanted to; to read my last posts on eBook publishing. Watch the youtube clips and get it done.

Mine are for free and all I wanted is to see them on Amazon, I just wanted to see my name up there alongside other authors.

Good luck.

How do you get inspired to write poetry?

For me, inspiration comes at the worst of times.

Usually at work and sometimes when I’m out with no access to a paper or pen to take notes. I’m not hip so I don’t have an iPhone or any mobile phone for that matter.

The Poetry of others

I’d have to say that reading the works of other poets really inspires me the most. It is where I get some of my best ideas from. So if my poems are terrible blame yourself.

Nah I’m just kidding.

I find that if I get to escape and see nature I become inspired. So I take the kids to the park along with a notebook and pen.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’d like to know where other poets get their inspiration to write.

Why Genius?

The Book Of Genius

First when I say Genius I don’t mean someone with advanced knowledge of a certain subject nor a high level of success in wealth, relationships or fame.

Define Genius

Instead I define Genius as a quality of knowing oneself with the understanding that fulfillment comes from seeking knowledge. Therefore I see a person in pursuit of knowledge also as a Genius, because they have become aware of what must be done to experience life fully.

Defining yourself vs waiting for others to define you

I write lyrics and compose music and when I began doing this I was afraid to call myself a Musician/Composer/Artist/Producer because I was waiting for others to label me.

But then I decided that I am what I want to be and what I do therefore I can call myself whatever I want and work towards becoming better at it.

Taking control of myself, how I think, how…

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The Proven Blueprint To Get Waves Of People To Your Blog

Online Web Publishing Blog

There’s many tips you can use in order to get online traffic to your sites. There will never be any single top online traffic trick, because algorithms on google and websites like these are changing every day. But, there are some strategies that will always work, even if new updates happen in the future. It is the well thought out ultimate traffic strategies that you should rely on, not the shaky one off search engine tricks that usually don’t stick for that long.

Website promotion is the #1 key to website traffic and success. If your site doesn’t bring in any traffic, then you do not have any people. Site traffic means people, and you must have real visitors on your site if you want to get recurring online visitors, online customers, and passive money. This content uncovers the stupidly simple online traffic techniques which you can implement right here…

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Write SEO Articles easier.

Like many things in life you can make writing SEO articles easier by following a few formulas and rules.

Attempting to loosely write a rich content-filled article can cause serious problems in the end and just be making more work for yourself.


Don’t be too proud to learn from others, there is always an easier way to do something and when it comes to writing why not spend more time on your style of writing and less time on figuring out how to write SEO.






Here are the steps that I use to write a 400 word SEO rich article.




If you are writing for a client then be sure to adhere to their requests as well as following the formula that I provide for you.

1. Know your topic and if you do not then research it for a couple of minutes to half an hour. Jot down any relevant things or interesting facts along the way.


2. Write out the article format you wish to follow; here is one that I use for 400 word articles



  • For example lets say we are writing about dry-cleaners in New York


  • Articles must flow organically so here are the steps I would write in.


  • The title must be long (typical for SEO to get as much information out there as possible)
  • “How to go about choosing the best Dry-cleaners to use when in New York.”


  • Be sure to include the title in the first two lines of the articles.


  • In the next paragraph or two lines be sure to mention how difficult it is to find good dry-cleaners in New York.

The first part of the article has now been written, now the body must be done. SEO articles thrive when the amount of paragraphs is at it’s highest possible. But each paragraph must be about something different otherwise it will be useless, repetitive and unprofessional.


  • For the body let’s write at least five paragraphs of about 50 words each tops.


  • Paragraph one; discuss how New York is large and how it can be difficult to move around and get to places on time.


  • Paragraph two; explain why sticking with one good dry-cleaner and forming a good relationship is important even if it costs more.


  • Paragraph three; Explain how word of mouth, reviews on-line and advertising all should contribute to your selection of dry-cleaner.


  • Paragraph four; Give reasons as to why dry-cleaning is important and necessary, also why it’s worth paying for.


  • Paragraph five: close the article’s body by re-enforcing the benefits of making a long-term relationship with a great dry-cleaners in New York.


Now we come to the closing part of the article of the conslusion.

There really is no conclusion to this type of article except that you must Re-cap what you have said and end it positively because you have given the reader sound advice.




So there you have it





a formula for writing 400 word SEO articles.




I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Exercise and Nutrition

I’m not going to lie to you, my knowledge of nutrition has just began to grow over the past couple of years  and before that I was unaware and indifferent about it all.

I only began to search once I felt like crap and then I stumbled upon the many lies that I had been fed about food. No bun intended.


A waste of time, I don’t think so

Reasons why I wouldn’t exercise:

  • It’s a waste of time and I have so little time
  • I’m not unhealthy
  • Who do I have to impress
  • It hurts the next day
  • My diet is not good so I’ve got to fix it first

Reasons why I changed my mind:

  • I realised that if I committed to half an hour a day and looked back in one year I would be proud of my achievements
  • I want to feel stronger and more awake
  • I want to look stronger and healthier
  • I don’t want to get diabetes or other health related problems

Reasons why I wouldn’t change my diet:

  • It’s too expensive
  • The food is not as tasty
  • I cannot be bothered looking at recipes
  • My children won’t eat healthy food

Reasons why I changed my mind:

  • I want to feel better inside
  • I want my children to eat better and feel better
  • I don’t want to get sick
  • I have the knowledge so why not use it


There is no excuse

My exercise routine consists of half an hour training with no weights each morning after a tall glass of water.

Intense training and I work nights but that is no excuse to miss out.


My diet is basically no refined sugar or flour.

I rarely ate but now never eat or drank any soda, cakes, packaged food or fast food.

From most eaten to least eaten I have;

Water, vegetables, nuts, rice, fruit, seeds and grains, eggs, butter and cheese, meat.


The hard part

The hardest thing about changing my diet is making new recipes  but that is also a fun weekly challenge.

I’m going to keep it up as long as I can and I hope you find a way to help yourself out because the benefits are amazing.




How to become inspired

Look harder

If you cannot find inspiration in this magical world then you are not looking hard or long enough. The truth is that with all our differences we still find similar things to draw inspiration from.

Whether it takes sitting at a cafe staring into the lives of strangers or laying solitaire on your back in the sand listening to the ocean waves crash in the distance we all find our muse in sensations.


Internal and external

I feel myself becoming inspired or ‘juiced-up’ as I put it when my passions are flared. If something I hold great interest in has been drawn into my creative vision I become alive and attack it from all angles.

Sometimes my hunger is satiated from within, other times the source is external.

I see no distinction between writing a song, an article, a speech, a piece of poetry or a short story; they each consume my whole being and take me to places that I could only ever dream of.

Writing is escapism, a healthy addiction. To get paid for being an addict would be great, but even greater is the self-realization that we as individuals have grown as writers.

Inspiration can be drawn from our own genius. We can be our own muses.


The singular universe

Don’t flip out but why not try creating your own universe.


You heard me…

I used to get writer’s block a lot, especially when I was writing comedy shorts. To resolve my problem rather than having a good meal and a good night’s sleep I decided in my zombie state to expel the universe and create my own.

Step 1:

Go outdoors and be sure to rug up if it’s cold. Be sure you are alone and there is minimal noise.

Step 2:

Kneel or sit in a comfortable position. Then proceed to practice calm brreathing and arm movements.

Step 3:

Without making any noise tear away the universe in pieces. With your right hand suck up the trees and discard them. With your left destroy the ground beneath your feet until you are solely floating in space, your creative space.

Step 4:

Think of nothing except the emptiness surrounding you and the strength of your creative genius growing stronger and stronger.

The Online writing lifestyle

what is a suitable income for me?

Know the structure

There are many opportunities to make money online if you have good writing skills, but it does come at a cost. To save yourself any surprises in the long term you should first familiarize yourself with the basics of online writing as it does differ slightly from the traditional hard writing.

Rather than catering towards attracting people via there needs and wants online writing will have you focusing on the business side of it all, I’m talking about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the structure that should be stuck in your head while you write each and every line online.

Ask yourself; Have I made the title chunky enough to show up in search engines as much as possible. Is my topic vague yet focused enough on my topic to ensure I get a wider audience finding it.

Follow the formula

Great online writing especially article writing can be mastered best by following a formula. There is no set formula but the idea is to keep trying until you find a comfortable equation by which to create your article.

Most jobs come with guidelines; they usually call for the title (subject matter/topic) to be mentioned in the first line of the article and also scattered several times throughout the piece.

The also require that there be maximum amount of paragraphs and that each cover a different aspect of the topic. Finally there needs to be great effort in ensuring the first paragraph properly introduces the topic and that the final paragraph completes the article with a real conclusion.

Know the subject

Too much time and effort is wasted trying to fake knowledge on a subject, if you don’t know anything about a topic don’t attempt to write about it, or go and research it because expanding your knowledge is always important.

There is no room in article writing for biased opinions, it is your job only to inform because people want quick references to their queries.

The Lifestyle

The most important factor that you need to take into account when pursuing a career in online writing is; does this fit into my lifestyle.

For the average single person who works a day job online writing is perfect for making some extra money. But for the stay at home mother who must take care of three screaming toddlers not yet at school it is not a wise choice for making money, it’s not that it cannot be done but just that your mind needs to be able to focus and relax in order to write well.

There are however people that will blend right into the online writing lifestyle and they are the following;

1. Those who are passionate about writing and nothing else, the type that write even not to get paid.

2. Stay at home mothers whose children attend daycare or school and have a passion for writing about particular subjects. Mothers are savvy on so many topics especially child-rearing, parenting, cooking, cleaning, shopping, clothing, gardening and much more.

3. Determined novelists, the serious writers who spew out thousands of words a day on their novels yet delete it, they could flip articles within minutes and make some money on the side.

4. The students and school children whose passions overtake their physical realities, teenagers especially have the great ability to absorb themselves into subjects or people due to their emerging adulthood. They are in a suspended reality of “finding themselves”, becoming adult versions of themselves which requires them to psycho-analyse everything within their grasp. They have the ability to write thousands of words on topics for which they benefit by earning some money as well as it being therapeutic.


As you can see the online writing lifestyle isn’t for everyone although most anyone can make money from it, the lifestyle that follows it will not suit everyone.

You may not want to waste precious hours sitting at the computer screen to only bring in a few dollars, or you may find that you are already behind a computer screen so why not make the most of it.

You may be a passionate writer looking for a break so to make extra cash from your passion is a dream come true. But on the other hand if you are an engineer or medical student studying your way through university it may not be the greatest idea to use your precious time writing about topics you will not need.

Sometimes the opportunity to make extra money clouds the true path to our ambitions. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking this is an easy career, nothing about freelancing is easy it’s quite the opposite.

So before changing your successful career as a chef, machinist, teacher, doctor, customer service operator, hairdresser and every other necessary profession into that of a flimsy freelancer take a look at what you have first.

As a side job for extra money freelancing articles is great, but as a career unless you are prepared to write your own blogs, books and websites then do not attempt it as a sole career change.

Now is the time for action

It is time

Now is the time for action. Over the years our drive for success and fulfillment have vanished or been replaced with a drive for responsibility and routine. On the face of it it’s all very necessary especially when we have wives and children to take care of. But while giving it some thought the only way to progress through hard times is to work even harder and smarter.

The main reason we do not push ourselves like we did in the past is because we do so much that we cannot ponder the idea of fitting more work into the day.


As a single man life was easy and time was available. But my time became more precious and fleeting as I married and had children.

The problem was not a need to dodge my responsibilities as a parent and husband but to embrace them, achieve them and also have time to climb further at work and grow as a person.

After thinking of how I could be there for my wife and kids as well as get that promotion at work or make time to write that novel I realised that I’d have to become a machine man.


I dismissed all suggestions and traditions of what husbands and fathers should do, I focused on what I wanted to achieve and decided that if I could manage my time well then I could achieve anything that I wanted to.

I started to think of myself as a machine and realized that the harder I worked and the more I did, the easier it became for me.


In summation if I was lazy then I conditioned myself into only having the ability to do a little, but if I was hard-working then I was conditioning myself to do more.

The easiest way to achieve results in life is to begin them as good habits then do them routinely until they become a structured part of your everyday life.

There are many things that are good for us in life, some of the things that I feel are essential to me have been purposely weaved through my daily routine. And they are.

  • 30 minutes exercise each morning
  • eat an orange a day
  • at least 30 minutes of sunshine each day
  • stay away from fried food
  • no cigarettes or alcohol
  • positive self-talk
  • have fun with my fellow-workers, wife and children
  • put on a smile even when I’m not happy
  • Stand-up straight and sit-up straight
  • be confident

It has taken me years but I have included all of the above points into my everyday routine, sure sometimes I miss a few but I don’t get stressed  I just tell myself I’m having an off day and try even harder the next day.


When there is a need for extra work to be done you can find the strength within yourself. It will not come instantly but only by instilling new good habits into your daily routine. Start them off one by one.

You will find that the more work you do, the more you will be able to achieve and hunger to work even harder. Achieving things will also boost your confidence immensely.
With confidence in yourself you can shape your life into what you want it to be and achieve anything that you want to achieve.