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Rethinking Democracy

Recently questions were raised about the effectiveness of our system of governance and if there were a better way to run the country.
Some suggestions included allowing the youth ( under 25’s) to have a say in the direction of the country, another suggestion was having inexperienced committees of people have their say such as in ancient greek times, both terribly stupid ideas.
The youth and the uneducated are inexperienced and have no place in making such important decisions.
But rethinking democracy is a great thing to do because it is an ancient outdated system that we live by.

Changing the foundations of governance

We need to change the foundations of government and accept that there are certain things that we need to let go of or change in order for society to progress in the right direction.

Here is just 2 things that need to change in order for society to progress;

1. Usury/Interest has to go, the interest rate should be zero.
2. The legal system needs to change, the uncivilized such as murderers and rapists must be treated uncivilized, i.e introduce the death penalty, extradition, etc.



The necessity of Usury/interest is the biggest lie ever accepted by society. Be it religious belief or just straight economic intelligence the truth is that there is no need for interest. The fact that our money has the ability to earn by just sitting there is an unfair and unproductive truth, likewise paying back money that we did not borrow is another unfair and unproductive truth.

With interest money becomes a goal and not a currency. People want to have money but not spend money.
Without interest money is just a currency used to buy things of value. People would want to spend money because there would be no point in holding onto it.

Interest and money

If interest didn’t exist then people would have to use their money and turn it into real assets.
Without interest people would find it much harder to gain an unfair advantage over others.

Interest rates

People would not have to buy their houses on credit and spend their whole lives paying off the interest. They wouldn’t hold their breath waiting to see where the interest rates were heading.

International warefare

Countries and/or Banks could not hold other countries for randsom over their interest oweing.


The Legal System

15 years ago I could go to the city and shop without fear. I could go to any night-spot even alone and not feel threatened.

Today, I wont go to the city at night because I’m allergic to being stabbed or king-hit. Even families going out to dine in restaurants have been targetted and men have been beaten up in front of their wives and children.


Road-rage has risen and people have resorted to not only knocking each other out but pulling guns on each other.


The youth walk around picking fights but they don’t fight fair anymore, not like when I was young. Now the youth pull knives on everyone even for fun.


Public Executions

I’m all for harsh penalties for harsh crimes rather than harsh penalties for minor crimes ( which is what our system looks like right now ).
Whenever I bring up the topic of Public Executions or the Death Penalty everyone cries unfair and barbaric.

Firstly I’m sorry I want to take away your right to get away with murder and rape and secondly it is the people committing these crimes that are unfair and barbaric.
What we need to do is treat the uncivilized how they deserve to be treated.
Why should I feel bad about making the world a better place for my children and other law-abiding people?


The Naughty Children

When the under-aged commit crimes I believe that the parents should partake in the punishment as well. Parents need to control their children.
Take accountability for your children’s mistakes until they understand that they must be held accountable for their own actions.

So once we have abolished usury and put in place a just and wise legal system we will see much of our problems correct themselves.

But there is still so much more to fix such as;
The education system, The health system, etc.


How much does our taste in music direct our lives?

In today’s world our culture is dictated to us by the entertainment we seek.

Music, Film, advertising for products, Sports; all forms of entertainment shape our culture.

Most of us are heavily into music, lots of the time it is a certain genre of music.

Growing up you most likely stuck around those that also listened to your particular genre of music.

Consider this

  • Depending on the genre of music you associated yourself with you began to dress, talk and act a certain stereotypical way.
  • You surrounded yourself with those who had a similar taste in music that you did.
  • Your direction in life; such as the career choices you made and the places that you frequented to meet people were partly if not fully influenced by the music you listened to.

What if?

What if you chose to like a different style of music and associate with different types of people?

Would you be where you are today?

Would you have the same friends?

Would you hold the same job?

Would you have the same partner? Would you have ever met your partner?

Controlling people through entertainment

We are purposely controlled through all forms of entertainment. We are told that we like certain things and we believe it because we are shown advertisements of other people enjoying these things.

In reality if we look deep down inside ourselves we will see that all we really want is happiness and rather than settle for what we are told will make us happy; we need to seek it out ourselves.

Going with the crowd will keep us happy and ensure that we have common interests to talk with others. But to be truly happy we need to be selfish and find what makes us happy, only then with our happiness can we help others to be happy.


I love music and have spent most of my life in the music industry, but it is a business and it must sell. People need to know that as good food will keep your body healthy so to will good positive music keep your soul healthy so avoid the demonic artists as much as you can. You know which ones I’m talking about.

Question – What was in your hand 20 years ago?

I got to talking with some friends and one of them commented that I’ve had with me a pen and paper always in my hand since I was a teenager. I was always ready to write something down.


I asked them what they had in their hands 20 years ago, here is what the three of them said;

1. An Amiga joystick.

2. A soccer ball.

3. A mountain bike.


So what were you doing and what was in your hand 20 years ago?

Are you looking for work?

What type of work are you looking for?

I think that the job market is very hard to get into.

Many companies are resorting to hire casuals rather than full-time employees; leaving job security a thing of the past.

So what do we need to do?

What everybody needs to do is upskill themselves, take on some courses to learn more talents, but be careful only take courses that will better your chance of landing the job you want.

Some industries are thriving so you need to get into these ones;


Truck driving


Council and government administration

Mortgage, financial advising and banking

The other industries seem to be declining and in order to secure yourself in the workforce you need to think about becoming a supervisor or manager at your current job or choose to get out and jump into another industry.

Those with degrees, masters and PHD’s are a little better off.

But those of us who have the basic high-school education need to secure some type of work.

Multiple incomes

Once we have a secure job we should seek other sources of income. We need to use our talents to get ahead.

Whether we try our hand at;



Arts and crafts

We need those multiple incomes streams to keep us going through the hard times that seem t come more ad more often these days.

What is the best job for me?

Recently my sister chose to cut her Aged Care course short because as she explains “They never mentioned at the beginning that we’d have to wipe old people’s bums.” Nice.

Government funded courses

Here in Australia the government actually funds courses for those who have no degrees or certificates. And that’s great. But it is to fill low paying hard working jobs most of them casual positions which leave you with no security in the long run.

The suitable long term job

With my sister’s case I suggested that she rethink her job seeking and take into consideration, her age, the fact that she is female, her experience and the time of day she is available.

The jobs that governments push are in Aged Care, Warehousing, Factory machine workers, Childcare workers and Road construction workers.

All of these are fine professions and if you are passionate about them then go right ahead and take advantage.

But the vast majority of people don’t want these jobs and just go for it anyway out of desperation.

Australia’s future

You need to think logically, think of what we are becoming as a Nation.

What types of work will be available in the future?

We will see more and more factories appear and most jobs will become casual as it benefits the employers.

1. Recruitment agencies

Any job working for a recruitment agency will see you live comfortably into the near future, we need recruiters to hire the future casuals for tomorrow’s factories and employee-revolving businesses.

2. Manager, Supervisors, Leaders

Becoming a Manager/Supervisor is also a good way of keeping full time work as the casuals will need competent managers to keep them in check.

3. Council and Government jobs

Let’s face it, we aren’t taking down the government anytime soon so there will be a great career working for our superfluous leaders.

4. Psychologist

If you are still young and have the drive then the world is not getting any easier so you will have plenty of “clients”.

5. Any outdoor physical work

Let’s face it we all need sun and exercise so to get paid to be outside on a nice day is just awesome. I have held many jobs as a labourer but they are very temperamental at time.
The ideal thing would be to build up your skills and go out working for yourself, have it as a fallback plan.

The necessity of multiple incomes

Many have said it and written about it, we must secure ourselves by having multiple incomes or at least the skills to obtain work in different areas when one becomes redundant.

Sexist programming in cartoons

Every so often I sit and watch my daughter’s favourite cartoons with her, they each follow the same type of script and portray the sexes differently.

The Heroines are of course beautiful young women/ponies/mermaids and the evil ones are male and always led by a female.

When there are good males they lack confidence and constantly seek the approval of the females.

The problem

I am a strong male role model and this confuses my daughter sometimes. Because she has been brainwashed by these shows she does not expect me to take control and becomes afraid when I do.

The solution

I monitor all programs that my children watch now and there are only a handful I approve of which have their own problems.

I have shown her alternative male characters from superheroes to sports stars.

It is unfortunate that our culture has been hijacked by the Satanists and continuously led in this direction. 

Growing up

I can already see that the brainwashing will continue because I am savvy to all television shows. But what is the answer? How do I solve this dilemma?


If I force her into accepting what I consider normal then she will become a social outcast, that is if she accepts it. 


My upbringing

Television and music were just the same when I was growing up and I was led astray into accepting this nonsense. But I saw it for what it really is and I hope that she will too.


I’m just lucky that I had a few friends who also didn’t accept what we were fed as being natural.

The gender wars, how society should be run and the relationship we have with God have all been purposely changed to keep us in a state of suspended animation, and endless adolescence.

Lead by example

My only chance is to lead by example and hopefully that will be enough to show her that real happiness and success are not achieved through material possessions or our sexual appeal. But by our strong moral standings and confidence in who we should be and what we should act like.


The Chemotherapy Fraud Exposed




Chemotherapy backfires – causes healthy cells to feed growth of cancer tumors

Tuesday, August 07, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

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(NaturalNews) Ever since chemotherapy was introduced into the practice of western medicine, doctors and oncologists have been trying to answer this nagging question: Why does chemotherapy seem to work at first, but then cancer tumors cells grow back even more aggressively while the body becomes resistant to chemotherapy?
It turns out that chemotherapy damages healthy cells, causing them to secrete a protein that accelerates the growth of cancer tumors. (…)
This protein, dubbed “WNT16B,” is taken up by nearby cancer cells, causing them to “grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy,” said Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. He’s the co-author of the study that documented this phenomenon, published in Nature…

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Why choose to get married?

Why do it?

There are many reasons why people decide to get married but a real marriage should be made from love and understanding. No two people should jump into marriage without mutual agreements on what they expect from each other and what they hope to achieve.

It is impossible to learn why marriage is important from the media and today’s world in general because there has been a system put in place to purposely defame and nullify marriage. Marriage must be experienced in order for it to be properly understood.

Marriage is a new beginning.

Marriage is the opening of a new life for two people. This life will include both happiness and sadness but it is in the actual work needed to contain a happy marriage that both people will find fulfillment.

By the time the question of marriage comes into your life you should be at a mature enough level to want to keep challenging yourself. You should be wise enough to know that your happiness depends on how highly you regard yourself and what better way to test your greatness than with marriage.

You should get married so that you can erase the need for a partner and focus on the many more options that life has to offer you. How much time do men and women spend trying to impress or lure the opposite sex? A life free of this will give you many more hours in your day to build yourself up into the best person you can be.

Maturity, wisdom, self-control and patience all of these things are waiting for you in a marriage, you just need the ambition to be that person you know you can be.

Marriage requires you seek new priorities

I was discussing with my wife when she thinks a boy becomes a man, she and I both agreed that a boy becomes a man when he takes on the responsibility of caring for his wife and when he protects and provides for his children.

Some men may act tough and assume they have their freedom because they don’t work or care for their families, they may think that trying is not required from them. You men are not men at all you are still boys, if you were real men you could handle a wife, children and work and earn the respect from your family.

It is in a man’s true nature to want to take on the world and conquer and experience all that he can, stop glamorizing sex it is just a physical act we use to procreate, strive for more.

So marriage and starting a family to me is the most challenging thing in this world and I’m up for any challenge because I am a real man.

So if you men want to prove to: yourself, your family, the world and God that you have real power then get married.

Global Extermination

What is Global Extermination?

Are the “elite” planning to exterminate us so that they can better control a smaller population?

Sure, that is one way to do it but the real threat is hidden.

Look at how countries have been taken over in the past, let us take Iraq for example;

Step 1: Bring and keep to power an evil dictator.

Step 2: Keep the people divided and practising hate and segregation; use sport, education, political correctness, funding for unequal/unnecessary causes, feminism, cultural diversity.

Step 3: Upkeep a corrupt legal system.

Step 4: Fund both sides of the conflict until the country is brought to it’s knees.

Step 5: Take the Bank if it isn’t already took and add high interest loans to keep that country in debt.

Step 6: Brainwash the civilians into accepting a heritage that doesn’t require them to fight for collective success and real freedom. And that fighting the “liberators” makes them “insurgents”.

Step 7: Sit back and watch the country destroy itself.

Why waste time killing people off when you can make them destroy each other?

Patient revenge

Don’t act on your evil intentions. It is  okay  to have  bad or evil intentions but if you wait a while they should disperse.


Often revenge is our defence to a personal offence and it’s warranted and most won ‘t see  no harm in it.

But each time we act  on evil with evil or practice revenge we only harm ourselves.

As humans the more we do something the more accustomed to it be become, We have a knack of creating our own habits for survival.

Don’t include revenge as one of your habits because essentially you are letting others control you.