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A Poet’s choice of words

Find the words that breathe

penetrate and illuminate

expose the Poet’s secrets

that cannot be contained within


Poet’s cannot hold secrets

they blab for all to hear

reveal to you desires

and all their buried fears



Poetry – the city of progress

Webs of smoke hung mid air

leaving the building-tops unfocused and seeming to go up forever

undeterred they swarmed clicking the wet asphalt creating an atmosphere of noise.

then silence.

no one in sight, an empty model of a city, unused.

occupying towers of concrete and steel, where they learn life is precious.

the real world tries to make contact, like a

flower peeping out of a crack in the pavement

only to be stepped on and put back in it’s place.

Road freedom

I put my dark eyes on 

So the world knows I mean business

Thunder down the road

Barking flames and coughing smoke

Leaving the past behind me

In a pool of teeth and blood

Seducing the innocent

With my metallic leather frame

Women decipher my tattoos under moonlight

Praying for my soul

All are against me

Including the wind

An endless search for freedom

For as long as the road wont end




Without love

Love infects the heartless with hope

Gives yearning to the selfish

A promise of happiness to all

But lost love breeds despair

Adds tension to the air

Sickness to the strong

A yearning to belong

To those who want happiness

I promise you this

Without love for someone

A real life will be missed


A family of six

Sitting in scrubs


my wife lay paralyzed 

holding my hand

God’s work handed to me through two surgeons

baby Maiya

Life stops

I cut the cord

New life begins

new love begins


Parenting Poetry – Living Life

Happiness is when;

Children can be loud and messy

The cleaning up can wait

All worries disappear

When bonding escalates

You can see each other

Without the need to rush

And spend some time just talking

Really not about that much

Arguments do take place

All points of view are heard

But just as fast they go away

Without the use of words

To live a life of fulfilment

To raise your children right

To find the love of someone else

Is truly living life



Without change

Worthless days

Nights bleeding into dawns

Cascades of moments

Creatures of habit squirming in their shells

I fear no embarrassment

I fear no challenges

Days are what we make of them

We choose to succeed or dream

Run or marinate

Change or remain the same

Throw in the towel or remain in the game

Without change

everyday is the same


We remain

In breathless times we spoke volumes

When apart became one soul

The world vanished

Yet you remained

Your eyes staring

Love we exchanged

And received tenfold

Hungry for each other

Biding our time

The thought of kissing became my thoughts

You became my pulse

Living and breathing as one

Now each other’s purpose


On it’s way

Lying in wait

only months to go

A new life

A new reason 

To live even more



Whispers of time

Glances of light

Murmurs of rhyme

Twitches of sight

Through inspiration our passions ignite