The problems of the world are apparent to us all,

yet we  choose to ignore them because we ask ourselves;

“What can I do about it?”

Believe me, we can do plenty about it

and if we all informed others and set good examples

then that would be more than enough to change our world.


Real change begins within ourselves,

so be a living example of real progress.


So here I am defusing the chaos as best as I can

and doing my duty to inform you all about what I believe is going on.


So don’t be a barrier in my way but be another light that helps guide us all towards success.

168 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for following WordBowlbyMsCharlieS.com (did you suggesting a word?) and thank you for introducing me to your wide-ranging writing. Looking forward to more from you in 2014!

  2. Thank you for the “follow”. It’s a true blessing to my heart knowing that my poetry is touching others. Looking forward to your future posts, as I will be “following” : )

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