Marriage will save you


Marriage for the right reasons will save you.


I sit here tonight watching my 2 year old daughter fall asleep.

My wife and other two children have already fallen asleep.


Choose your destiny

I think about where my life would be right now had I not met and pursued my wife. If I hadn’t revealed to everyone I met that “I’m not seeking a single life, I want marriage and children, I want to experience all that life has to offer. I want to be a husband and a father, I want to grow up.”

Most of my friends have remained single, some even still living at home and in their 30’s.

Although I did leave home rather late at 25, I really wanted to leave and go live on my own at 17 and I see no problem with this. Unless the 17 year old doesn’t have a good head on  their shoulders.


Different lives, worlds apart

I now see how far apart the single life is compared to the married with children life.

Single life is suspended adolescence, especially when you still live at home. How are you supposed to really experience life as an adult.


But I don’t want to get married

Marriage is just like a long term relationship. But as adults we should mature into wanting things such as wives, husbands, partners and children. 

You don’t have to be financially stable to have children. Have them, and then you will bite, kick and do whatever you have to to become financially stable. Children bring reason and purpose into life. As does a significant other.


Looking back


Looking back I think about why I needed money and I had no reason; only to survive. But now I see that what I make is used to support my family. As a single man all my money was wasted on useless junk and useless repetitive experiences.


You want advice

Go look for a wife in all the right places, read Steve Biddulph’s book “The New Manhood”.

Read other great books about what it really means to be a man. 


But marriage means the end of my  life

No, believe it or not it”s the beginning of a great new chapter in your life. It should mean the end of adolescence and the end of pursuing women. You now have a wife that hopefully supports you and vice versa. So you have no need to seek pleasure from women elsewhere and that alone should free up most of your time.

Now with this free time you can romance your wife and build a family. 

5 thoughts on “Marriage will save you

  1. Marriages that last have equal partners who respect each other. You have to know there will be days you wonder why you said yes and days you couldn’t imagine being without him. Cherish the love you share and remember that compromise will get you through. I think having a partner at your side makes life heaven or hell.Work at it and if it doesn’t work, you have given it your best.

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