Question – What was in your hand 20 years ago?

I got to talking with some friends and one of them commented that I’ve had with me a pen and paper always in my hand since I was a teenager. I was always ready to write something down.


I asked them what they had in their hands 20 years ago, here is what the three of them said;

1. An Amiga joystick.

2. A soccer ball.

3. A mountain bike.


So what were you doing and what was in your hand 20 years ago?

16 thoughts on “Question – What was in your hand 20 years ago?

  1. What a great question! I spent the summer of ’93 with a paint brush in hand…I covered more canvasses that summer than at any other time, that’s because I was laid off from my 13 years of employment with the government. I started my writing business that fall and never looked back. Interesting blog you have…thanks for following mine!.

  2. Probably a pocket knife – I ALWAYS had mine on me. I camped a lot and even brought it to school with me – I even had teachers who borrowed it rather than report me for it!

  3. I was notorious for having a Snapple in my right hand and begging for change from friends to ensure that I had a fresh clean notebook to scribble down our adventures in the other. And eventually that Snapple turned into a fifth of anything Russian and clear and the notebook any bar napkin or electronic device that would do the trick.

    1. Just like myself, but I was unsure what a snapple is, I had to look it up. I’ve yet to transfer from paper to an electronic device, but soon hopefully I’ll be able to continue my blogging journey on foot as well as sitting here at home.

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