Nobel peace Prize

I’m humbled to be put beside
Those held in esteem so high

I’ve spent my life in selflessness
And til today had no regrets

The honorees preceding me
Accomplished more obviously

I’m grateful for this festive day
That I’ve received this accolade

But all is not good in my mind
My conscious self cannot decide
To take this prize and thank you all
Or run my head into a wall

Because you see I know the game
The agenda expanders get the fame
So I must be doing something wrong
For a prize of “Peace” to come along

I’ve seen the liars and the whores
Cheats and criminals of war
All receive that golden disc
That above my head you wish to lift

So for my life of peaceful shows
My answers a resounding no
I will not take that golden disc
I do not need an ego lift

Instead I’ll keep helping the poor
Feeding others, protesting wars
Listen to every voice ignored
Because kindness is it’s own reward


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