Re animation

I’m motionless only my fingers clutch the dirt

Stuck dangerously alone

Facing towards a starless night

What power can I conjure?

Has the end come?

I’m too stubborn to die

My legs live; carrying my body

Journeying towards an unknown destination

Fear has been forgotten and replaced with vengeance

A familiar place

This must be where I came from

Deafening sounds and streets laced with cars

Taking my time I straighten my torso

Blending into the party

Seeking the one

As luck has it he has exited

Now surrounded by darkness and walking

I follow

No sense of remorse

Just carefree and proud

I’m stalking my attacker

I strike with a bottle

He sees me not

As he lay face down I turn him

Look into his mind

Here I am re animated

Behold your creation

Behind me a starless night

Motionless, yet his fingers swim in dirt

Dangerously alone

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