How do you get inspired to write poetry?

For me, inspiration comes at the worst of times.

Usually at work and sometimes when I’m out with no access to a paper or pen to take notes. I’m not hip so I don’t have an iPhone or any mobile phone for that matter.

The Poetry of others

I’d have to say that reading the works of other poets really inspires me the most. It is where I get some of my best ideas from. So if my poems are terrible blame yourself.

Nah I’m just kidding.

I find that if I get to escape and see nature I become inspired. So I take the kids to the park along with a notebook and pen.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’d like to know where other poets get their inspiration to write.

17 thoughts on “How do you get inspired to write poetry?

  1. I agree, I often find nature is the best inspiration for writing. I carry a notebook and pen with me at all times for those moments the lines start rolling through my head but I must admit, I finally broke down and bought an iPhone – it has changed everything! I jot thoughts and lines down in it all the time, then transform them into posts on the WordPress app. It has really made capturing and formatting things so easy. And I promise I don’t get any commission for saying that!

  2. I agree that reading others’ work gives me inspiration. Usually, it’s a memory or a word or an idea that ignites a storm of words in my head that spill out onto the page.

      1. So true! I’m a bit stumped right now, so I’m trying to get my flow back. I’m reading a bunch of other writers as a way to jumpstart myself.

  3. Reading others give you new insights on metaphors and structure. Not so much meaning, but how they crafted and the affect it played on the reader. Also for me quietness gets my poetry flowing out.

  4. Prayer and coffee put me on the path to inspiration. 😀 My son just went through brain surgery due to a long term illness……this event in my life and his, completely changed my entire being. I can not even think the same, view life the same way, even my tears flow differently after all of this happening. Writing, especially poetry helps me to deal with the hardships in life, but while the hardships are still very fresh I do not have the mindset to sit there and write… I keep a pen and notebook nearby to capture feelings and emotions that I will not forget to write about, and I get back to them later. And of course blissful moments thoroughly inspire me. God is always my inspiration behind anything.

    1. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot and it is great that you have God in your life. Going through such trials will definitely have you looking different at things and getting inspiration from being thankful with what you have.

  5. Poetry does happen at inopportune moments. No pen, no place to pull over on the road and look more deeply into the glove compartment. One time, I was absolutely desperate; I had a great line and I knew I could remember it if I could just prompt myself with a key-phrase, later, when I got home. I bit down hard on my knuckle and said the phrase about ten times, over and over. I really did NOT want to lose this one, as so many have been lost. When my husband looked at it later when I was cooking, he said, “what happened to your finger? Are those teeth-marks?” Like magic, the phrase came back and I said it aloud, handing him the spatula so I could get to my notebook. I didn’t look over my shoulder as I ran off, but I’m pretty sure he was expressing something like concern. Hey–you do what you have to.

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