The Cracking Wall

His eyes pierced through shadows to reach that wall,

constantly digging, with death right behind him.

So claustrophobic with adrenaline pulsating,

body deteriorating and craving that wall.

His mind had been freed just prior to this,

The man fought with gusto, his words and his fists.

Lone faithful soldier with ambition and drive.

Now frail and withered, his features disfigured,

constantly craving that wall.

His life fulfilled riddles, you know of the type.

A love story with no romance or ending in sight.

Just solitude growing, his convictions were showing,

thats when they all gathered,

He lay bloody and battered,

And thats when he entered those walls.

Wont change his perspective,

He’ll do as he must.

For his beliefs and troubles,

he lays in the dust.

But no walls can hold him.

Even death looses grip,

He’s yearning to slip through these walls.

His fingernails scratching,

though weak and though few.

The wall started cracking,

if only he knew.

Death was right above him,

still he looks behind.

Oh God will this prisoner,

make it out alive.


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