Society’s Ignorance

Hard to reach with words of truth
The twisted souls they breed
Superstitious minds of men
Plant hollow broken seeds

A plane to catch
and bills to pay
never to soak up the day

Absolute power is the key
but on that path
all ethics leave

Expensive garments, groomed for fame
drugs that take the pain away

The roller-coaster of success
makes aging quick
to earth they stick

Family-life was just a word
to pass indulgence seems absurd

Carnal feasting is the goal
Never thought they’d need a soul

Twisted flames and crackling air
all in love and war is fair

Religions they seem all alike
A self-proclaimed prophet sips his wine

Questions never left his tongue
He knows the answers one by one

An end that never could be held
But he yearns to reach its shell

Hard to reach with words from men
Their twisted souls are bleeding
Needing to do mundane works
They curse the life their leading


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