Liquid Pain

Liquid pain escapes through the windows of my soul.
Carrying throbbing memories that shatter into millions of pieces as they hit my desk.
No matter how much substance flows forth from out of my eyes.
The pain remains inside my mind.

An overwhelming feeling of distress resides inside my bones.
Resonating violently it strangely soothes my flesh.
I’m experiencing a confusing type of peace when I cry.
I long to release as many tears as possible from my eyes.

Emotional sadness creates the strongest tears.
I guess they have been stored inside my body for many years.
Physical pain barely wells up a grain.
Emotions are daggers that violently strike upon my brain.

I will no longer let other people orchestrate my feelings.
But I seem to upset myself so who do I turn to for self-healing.
Where will I turn to hide my drooping face?
Will the comforting hands of God be my only embrace?

When the tears finally reside relief encompasses my mind.
The problems still remain but my grief is left behind.
I now consider reasoning and put all emotions aside.
My tears are inspiration to the wisdom in my life

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