Strangers in the night

The howling winds that mumble words

And winter nights so cold it burns

Enduring for intriguing turns

I walk with courage that I’ve learnt


I travel light to meet the one

Who harbors death beneath the sun

My anger’s catching, though I run

Retracting from a violent gun


I flee from that which holds me back

My inhibitions made the track

Now is the time I must react

Before the earth below me cracks


I halted when my courage came

Compelled by my internal flame

I realized that I knew his name

And now I’d have to end this game


A confrontation through the night

Colossal beings and planets fight

I shed the darkness with my light

At every turn I matched his might


No victory but peace for now

Exhausted his feet pound the ground

Now this evil has been bound

And trust in self-control was found

6 thoughts on “Strangers in the night

  1. really enjoyed it – I’m assuming (maybe wrongly) that you are talking about battling inner demons – you articulated it really well – i love the line “no victory but peace for now” – too often people think it is a single major battle that wins the war when actually it is the “standing ground” by winning many smaller battles that is so important.

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