I breathe, the coldness of night stinging my throat

On a quest for redemption, curiously I float

Between the firmament of heaven and earth’s where I dwell

Always aiming up high, why’d I end up in hell

Below I am welcomed with tears in my eyes.

I’d say I feel shocked, but there is no surprise

A lifetime of pleasure, I thought I would win

And slip through the cracks, to do away with my sins

They showed me the killers, the rapists and liars

All these men were kindling and fuel for the fires

The hypocrites, thieves all shackled and chained

All men at once mirrored out my desires

But it was just a warning I woke from my sleep

Confounded and sweaty, at a future so bleak

The words left my mouth before I could speak

We all live in hell that’s why love’s out of reach.


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