8 thoughts on “Laetrile Vitamin B17

  1. Have you ever heard of the reishi mushroom, ganderma lucidium? If you can find info beyond the stupid MLM/Direct marketing bs, there is some good info about this natural remedy alsol

    1. No I haven’t tried it out but as a chef of 17 years and someone who currently works closely with anaphylaxis and allergenic sensitive meals I can tell you that vitamin deficiency is the cause of most every disease in my experience.

      1. Definitely we should cook properly to keep the goodness of our food intact. For instance many people overcook vegetables and they need not be cooked too much with the exception of most root vegetables.

        and roasting or boiling for me is the best way to get the awesome taste out of my vegetables.

      2. The more simple we keep our recipes the better they taste and we know exactly what we are getting.

        I used to cook for a large group of seniors and the chef before me was making a soup with butter and processed chicken stock but I found you could make a great soup with nothing but water and vegies if you balance the vegies out properly.

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