Sexist programming in cartoons

Every so often I sit and watch my daughter’s favourite cartoons with her, they each follow the same type of script and portray the sexes differently.

The Heroines are of course beautiful young women/ponies/mermaids and the evil ones are male and always led by a female.

When there are good males they lack confidence and constantly seek the approval of the females.

The problem

I am a strong male role model and this confuses my daughter sometimes. Because she has been brainwashed by these shows she does not expect me to take control and becomes afraid when I do.

The solution

I monitor all programs that my children watch now and there are only a handful I approve of which have their own problems.

I have shown her alternative male characters from superheroes to sports stars.

It is unfortunate that our culture has been hijacked by the Satanists and continuously led in this direction. 

Growing up

I can already see that the brainwashing will continue because I am savvy to all television shows. But what is the answer? How do I solve this dilemma?


If I force her into accepting what I consider normal then she will become a social outcast, that is if she accepts it. 


My upbringing

Television and music were just the same when I was growing up and I was led astray into accepting this nonsense. But I saw it for what it really is and I hope that she will too.


I’m just lucky that I had a few friends who also didn’t accept what we were fed as being natural.

The gender wars, how society should be run and the relationship we have with God have all been purposely changed to keep us in a state of suspended animation, and endless adolescence.

Lead by example

My only chance is to lead by example and hopefully that will be enough to show her that real happiness and success are not achieved through material possessions or our sexual appeal. But by our strong moral standings and confidence in who we should be and what we should act like.


8 thoughts on “Sexist programming in cartoons

  1. Great observation. I was right there with you until you said, “hijacked by the Satanists.” I couldn’t tell if you were serious. A Satanist is someone who consciously serves their conception of Satan. I think these people are simply being “politicallly correct,” having swallowed a lot of false ideology about the sexes.
    I’m interested in your thoughts. (And thanks for following!)

  2. I have a young daughter as well. She mainly enjoys watching DVDs (her all time favourite is Monsters Inc). TV-wise, Sesame Street is a biggie…mainly because there are like 18 episodes on the PVR.

    What cartoons are you happy to let her watch?

      1. In today’s world we see so many relationships in which women are treated poorly and so many relationships where people don’t seem to be getting along. My husband and I have made a genuine effort to show by example, what a relationship is supposed to be like, filled with love, respect, interest and support…and completely drama free. It is our hope that our friends and especially our daughter see this and in doing so hold their own expectations of what a relationship should be like to a higher standard.

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