Why choose to get married?

Why do it?

There are many reasons why people decide to get married but a real marriage should be made from love and understanding. No two people should jump into marriage without mutual agreements on what they expect from each other and what they hope to achieve.

It is impossible to learn why marriage is important from the media and today’s world in general because there has been a system put in place to purposely defame and nullify marriage. Marriage must be experienced in order for it to be properly understood.

Marriage is a new beginning.

Marriage is the opening of a new life for two people. This life will include both happiness and sadness but it is in the actual work needed to contain a happy marriage that both people will find fulfillment.

By the time the question of marriage comes into your life you should be at a mature enough level to want to keep challenging yourself. You should be wise enough to know that your happiness depends on how highly you regard yourself and what better way to test your greatness than with marriage.

You should get married so that you can erase the need for a partner and focus on the many more options that life has to offer you. How much time do men and women spend trying to impress or lure the opposite sex? A life free of this will give you many more hours in your day to build yourself up into the best person you can be.

Maturity, wisdom, self-control and patience all of these things are waiting for you in a marriage, you just need the ambition to be that person you know you can be.

Marriage requires you seek new priorities

I was discussing with my wife when she thinks a boy becomes a man, she and I both agreed that a boy becomes a man when he takes on the responsibility of caring for his wife and when he protects and provides for his children.

Some men may act tough and assume they have their freedom because they don’t work or care for their families, they may think that trying is not required from them. You men are not men at all you are still boys, if you were real men you could handle a wife, children and work and earn the respect from your family.

It is in a man’s true nature to want to take on the world and conquer and experience all that he can, stop glamorizing sex it is just a physical act we use to procreate, strive for more.

So marriage and starting a family to me is the most challenging thing in this world and I’m up for any challenge because I am a real man.

So if you men want to prove to: yourself, your family, the world and God that you have real power then get married.

12 thoughts on “Why choose to get married?

  1. That’s an interesting take on marriage. I do know some men who would make terrible life partners for numerous reasons. Not all people are really marriage material, and it takes two to make a marriage work. If one of you is unhappy in the relationship, the other has to make adjustments or the marriage is doomed. As for bringing children into it, I know plenty of people who should NEVER have children.

    1. Definitely true and unfortunately today through mass brainwashing as well as pure selfish laziness both men and women are incapable of marriage or handling children. Most people cannot cope just handling themselves anymore, the problem is that people have no craving for challenge and just want it all to come to them without effort or sacrifice. The whole world has become a selfish brat.

  2. Thanks for starting the dialogue. I agree with you in many ways, on many levels. I am neither male, nor am I heterosexual but I live in the same world you do so i know plenty of straight males. Most of the men I know take their marriages and their responsibilities seriously. It remains my fervent hope that men will find balance in managing their personal/family lives and their professional/working lives. Our spouses are a mirror for each of us. Our children. like no other human being, bring us back to our own tender years and the pain we experienced there. If we use these reflections and the profound experiences we have as adults as a tool to understand our own growth we can hope to evolve as a result. And every individual that evolves towards a balanced life helps promote the evolution of humanity in general. Again, thank you for starting this conversation.

  3. It’s refreshing to see a post supporting marriage, when it seems like society values marriage less than in previous generations. I think part of the problem is the “I need to be happy” mentality. When things get tough and happiness wanes, people give up. Sure, some couples shouldn’t have been married in the first place, but I think sometimes people give up too soon. Marriage is a big responsibility (even more when children are involved.) Here’s to men and women stepping up to the challenge 🙂

  4. Really awesome post. I agree. I find it interesting, too, in light of the fact that I just read your tweet about “Say what? Face it: Monogamy is unnatural.” While the author of that article states many true facts, I think she misses what separates humans from animals: emotions. Not that animals don’t have emotions, but the potential for true, deep, meaningful relationships? Or the heartbreak when a link of trust is broken? My personal opinion is “no.” Anyway, great post.

  5. Love , caring and responsibility are indeed the essential ingredients for a marriage. But a marriage is not just about a legal status. I’d say if the above ingredients are there, a live in relationship sometimes may work out better than most marriages that we see around us.

  6. I have been married for over ten years and I am 31. Growth happens in marriage, sometimes we grow together, other times we do not. In times that we do not, staying married may not be best for kids. I would love to be married for 50 plus years, In my case, I have to accept that this may not be possible.

    I look at my wife’s parents who hate each other after 50 years of marriage, and I’m sorry but I have to say “what for?”. It doesn’t seem as if you leave much flexibility…I can take challenge but at some point I have to know when I am on a hamster wheel…but I respect that you stick with and not saying you marriage is not as tough a mine. I have not thrown in the towel yet….but who knows…maybe I will grow up soon.

    1. Under certain circumstances it would be wrong to stay together of course but it’s the initial jump into marriage that I believe people should take. You must of course consider love and collective goals for the relationship. I hope it all works out for you my friend.

  7. Don’t you think women want to conquer the world and experience all that they can too?

    I like the post but it feels a bit sexist.. sounds kinda like men are the breadwinners and women are the homemakers. I don’t agree with that. (;

    1. I’m a male and it was addressing males. I got no problem with women being breadwinners or wanting to experience life, why wouldn’t they want it?
      My wife is the perfect example of a great mother and extraordinary Graphic Artist who could earn more than me if she chose to spend more time at work. But she and I both choose to balance our time so we have more time together as a family.

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