Global Extermination

What is Global Extermination?

Are the “elite” planning to exterminate us so that they can better control a smaller population?

Sure, that is one way to do it but the real threat is hidden.

Look at how countries have been taken over in the past, let us take Iraq for example;

Step 1: Bring and keep to power an evil dictator.

Step 2: Keep the people divided and practising hate and segregation; use sport, education, political correctness, funding for unequal/unnecessary causes, feminism, cultural diversity.

Step 3: Upkeep a corrupt legal system.

Step 4: Fund both sides of the conflict until the country is brought to it’s knees.

Step 5: Take the Bank if it isn’t already took and add high interest loans to keep that country in debt.

Step 6: Brainwash the civilians into accepting a heritage that doesn’t require them to fight for collective success and real freedom. And that fighting the “liberators” makes them “insurgents”.

Step 7: Sit back and watch the country destroy itself.

Why waste time killing people off when you can make them destroy each other?

10 thoughts on “Global Extermination

  1. I completely agree. Most people are quite happy to build their own prisons and restrict their own already narrow visions. We live in a society that’s so choked up by its own little bigotries that that the great big bigotries can indulge themselves unheeded.

  2. With the exception of #5 I believe all of those are in Machiavelli’s The Prince. Divide a nation to rule. Allow corruption as long as it serves to strengthen the ruler OR it weakens the opposition. Use your opposition to destroy other parts of your opposition usually joining with the strongest opposition to defeat the weaker which in turn weakens the strongest opposition in the conflict. Convince people that everything is fine and there is no need for the public to do anything.

    Yep sounds like the recipe.

  3. Ummm, just how much did Iraq’s evil dictator spend on “political correctness, funding for unequal/unnecessary causes, feminism, cultural diversity”?

    As I recall, a rather large army invade-,er, that is LIBERATED the country. Maybe you are talking about the post-liberation collapse?

  4. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that such a high percentage of people are hell bend on destruction. They are unable to see the consequences of political correctness, not offending anyone, giving all we have away, running debt which can never be repaid, approving complete and utter control of their lives, taking from those who have earned and rewarding those who will not work, watering down our citizenry with illegals who have a stated objective. Time to lock and load and hunker down! The end is near.

  5. I agree with everything DC said.

    However, @stevehallsbooks: I get that “political correctness” is a farce that takes things too far, but you quallified the statement with “not offending anyone.” You’re not saying that trying not to be offensive is a consequence, are you? I would rather not be offensive if I can help it. And you also said, “taking from those who have earned and rewarding those who will not work.” Who are you speaking of? The corporate fat cats, or the poor?

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