Toilet Training Toddlers

I never knew it would be so hard to toilet train my kids.


Sure there is plenty of information out there but all kids respond in different ways.


The best idea I came across was to sit them on the toilet for a few minutes about half an hour after lunch/dinner until they get used to the idea.


Try to keep them occupied with a book or game.

Tell them to pass wind or breathe in and out deeply.

It seems to be getting better,


but I guess only time will tell.

6 thoughts on “Toilet Training Toddlers

  1. Hello. My friends told me of the trouble they endured toilet training. Before toilet training my little boy, I read many theories and books on the subject to prepare for it. I didn’t bother with most of it, except for one which made sense in that it seemed the most natural without bribery or mind games or pressure of any kind. I didn’t believe it could work as fast as they said it did, but it worked sooner, in fact. One, he or she has to be ready. If he is ready, show him where the little potty is. Keep the diaper off, keep his bottom completely bare for 2 to 3 days. When there is no diaper, he doesn’t just pee anywhere, but in the potty. After he eats and drinks, you can direct him to the potty. (Also, it shouldn’t be any mystery how one goes to the bathroom. The boy should watch one of his parents, the girl the mother). Hopefully, this helps. It worked in two days for my little boy, no more diapers and he never had to wear pull-ups.

  2. One of my worst parenting moments was around toilet training. I yelled when I had no right to, but it was deep and primitive and I felt like it came from my own childhood. It was unnerving. More power to you.

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